3 Things you didn’t know about Cenotes


What is a Cenote

You probably heard about Cenotes, being one of the best attractions of Cancun & Riviera Maya. Cenotes are holes on the ground which have over thousands of years old and usually  lead into a system of caverns; its clear and cold waters are a must see when you come to vacation in Riviera Maya.

Today we will tell you 3 things you probably didn´t know about this misticals water wells.


Cenote in Valladolid


Type of Water

The difference between the Caribbean sea and a cenote is that the cenote has fresh water, even certain kinds of species of flora & fauna are only found in cenotes. Usually they have clear blue water and because is underground tends to be cold.


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Why are they consider mystical

Before Spaniards conquered the ” Peninsula de Yucatán ” Mayan civilization used to think Cenotes were sacred, so as part of their culture they sacrificed Mayan virgins as an offer to their Gods, along with treasures.


Cenote Sacrifices
Bones at Cenote

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Some Cenotes have caverns all the way to the sea

Cancún & the Riviera Maya its all made of caverns so all the water from cenotes goes all the way to the sea, some adventurous divers always try to explore the massive caverns down cenotes, even new species have been discover, but they are so big its impossible to know where they will end.

So now you know the best way to get a dive in this fresh waters is to discover all the mystic behind them.

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