Activities at Xcaret

Are you ready to visit Xcaret? Xcaret is one of the largest and best known parks in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. In fact, it’s almost certain that every traveler visiting the region for the first time, has in mind to visit this park.

Activities at Xcaret

But did you know that this park is very big? Xcaret is a place to enjoy almost a whole day and it has many activities you can do, so in this article we will list the best activities in Xcaret so you don’t miss anything.

Activities in Xcaret

Before we start listing all the activities you can do in this amazing place in the Riviera Maya, it is necessary to mention that Xcaret is not close to the city of Cancun.

Xcaret is a park located just outside of Playa del Carmen and to get there from Cancun, you have to travel 76 km away. But don’t worry about it, we give you a 10% discount on your transfer to Xcaret, book now!

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Mexican Art Museum

Xcaret has a small museum of Mexican art, so if you want to appreciate a little of the representative culture of Mexico, you should definitely enter here.

Mexican Art Museum

Guadalupe Chapel

The patron saint of Mexico is the Virgin of Guadalupe and Xcaret Park could not miss a chapel that pays homage to the patron saint of Mexico. The chapel is near the art museum and although it is a simple construction, it will impress you.

Capilla de Guadalupe xcaret

Mexican Cemetery

Did you know that Xcaret park has a cemetery? But don’t panic, it is a cemetery representative of the Mexican culture that has “no corpse inside” and is built on 7 levels and 52 steps that symbolize the days of the week and the weeks of the year. The 365 tombs represent the days of the year.

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Xcaret is known for being a very “nature friendly” place. Proof of this is the small but beautiful aviary. Inside it, there are more than 1500 species of birds and many of them roam freely around the place.

Subway Rivers

Do you like rivers? One of the must-do activities in Xcaret is to swim in one of its 4 subway rivers. Each one of them has a unique charm and a unique view that will make you feel like you are in paradise.

Natural Swimming Pool

Isla Mujeres is not the only place in the Riviera Maya that has a “natural pool”, in Xcaret Park you can also find one of them and above all: On the shores of the Caribbean Sea.

Xcaret has not one, but 4 different natural pools and they are the natural pools that you will find at the exit of the Underground Rivers.

Mexico Spectacular

Remember we said that Xcaret is a place to enjoy all day long? You can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the Mexico Spectacular show.  A show full of music, traditional dances and live shows, all focused on Mexican culture.


These are just some of the many activities you can enjoy at Xcaret and no doubt, there are many more that we have omitted, but that you will discover for yourself as you walk through the paths of one of the best attractions in Cancun.

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