What you can’t forget when packing for the beach

what You Can´t Forget when Packing For the beach

Usually when you’re going to the beach the first thing you get is a new swimsuit, but it isn’t the most important item! Think that you’re travelling to another country (Mexico) so there are some things you need to bring with you to have the best vacations ever.


With your flights and hotel booked, the luggage is the last thing stopping you from that great holiday. We know it feels like a chore, but if you follow our expert packing tips you’ll never have to worry.

  • Make a list. We know that it sounds a little boring, but lists are the gateway to a stress-free holiday. Separate your essentials from your desirables, and be realistic with your luggage limitations. If you need list inspiration – the following might be a good place to start.
  • Always bring a first aids kit. Just bring a small bag with the most necessary pills and medicine you might need. After all, nobody wants to suffer a punishing headache, high-climate fever, upset stomach or all three during a holiday. It might be easy enough to pick up a domestic remedy for your ailments at home, but medicines in the country you are visiting may be limited to prescription only. The same goes for allergy meds and asthma remedies – bring them on board!
  • Travel name tags are there to help. Unless you’re an international man of mystery, you shouldn’t have to worry about travelling incognito. Most suitcases come with name tags fitted as standard, so be sure to fill them in just in case you – or the airline – lose your luggage!
  • Observe restrictions on baggage. If your airline says: “23kg”, then they mean 23kg! Weigh your bags before you get to the airport and make sure you are within the restrictions, otherwise you’ll be forced to cough up extra cash at the airport.
  • Save bag space for all your holiday purchases. Whether it’s duty free goods or holiday mementos, it’s inevitable that you’ll be bringing more back home with you than when you left – so make sure you have room for it!
  • Don’t try to predict the weather – check it. Despite almost all year in the Riviera Maya is summer, there are some months of the year that rains A LOT, that’s why we recommend you to check out the weather before even purchasing your flights.
  • Don’t forget the essentials. Bring your swimsuit, biodegradable sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, sandals and the best attitude to enjoy all the wonders the Riviera Maya has for you!

And the most important tip, don’t forget to book your transportation with Transfer Cancun Airport, the best ground transportation service of the Riviera Maya, and travel safe and comfortable with all your family.

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