How much does it cost to go to Holbox

Holbox is a Caribbean island that is part of Quintana Roo and is located north of Cancun. An island paradise that still jealously guards its virgin island charm, its flora, fauna and of course a place where you can even take your pet to enjoy the sea.

So surely you are interested in visiting this place and of course, remember that we have already talked about the island here, here and here. But then, how much does it cost to go to Holbox? Keep reading this article because right now we will give you a breakdown of costs to visit Holbox.

How much does it cost to go to Holbox

How much does it cost to go to Holbox

If you are planning to go to Holbox you need to consider the costs that usually have to visit this paradisiacal island in the Mexican Caribbean. From the cost of transportation to the cost of food. So, are you ready to get to know it?


Holbox is located 60 km from the city of Cancun and although it seems a very short distance, the reality is that the road has “many curves” and therefore, the transfer time can be from 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours,

Being a “place apart” from the Riviera Maya and Cancun, there is no public transportation service, but there are several ways to get to Holbox and now we will get to know them.

  • Private Transportation: $4,275.00 MXN
  • ADO: $326.00 MXN
  • Bus to Holbox: $316.00 MXN

The above costs are reflected in the cost of the transfer only for the outbound trip, that means that the return trip is a little more expensive, depending on the type of service you choose.

  • Private Transportation: $8,265.00 MXN
  • ADO: $652.00 MXN
  • Bus to Holbox: 632.00 MXN

It is worth mentioning that each of these services has its advantages and disadvantages, for example: The private transfer service to Holbox, although it is expensive: It offers more freedom to come and go to the island without time restrictions and it is totally private.

The shared ADO and colectivo transfers have specific departure and return schedules. In addition, they are shared with other users and if for any reason we miss it, we will have to wait for the next day to return to Cancun.


If you travel in your own car, you must leave it in a private parking lot in the town of Chiquila. As such, Holbox is an island and in order to get there, you have to take a ferry. So, if you are traveling with a car, you will not be able to bring it into the island. So how much does parking cost? The cost of parking is $100.00 MXN.


Regardless of the type of transfer you choose, when you arrive at the port of Chiquila you have to take a ferry to cross to the island and the cost of the ferry is $220.00 MXN per adult.

This cost is only per trip, that means that the round trip will be $440.00 MXN.


Because the island still has its virgin island charm, you won’t find any cars here, so cabs are more like golf carts and the general cost is $40.00 MXN per trip.


Holbox offers camping, hostels and private rooms. There are also luxury accommodations and humble places to spend the night.But what is the maximum and minimum cost to stay here? Here you can find camping and beachfront accommodations for as little as $180.00 MXN per day.

But if you prefer something more private and elegant, you can book a room in a 3, 4 or 5 star hotel and the average cost can be $800.00 MXN per night.


Holbox lives off tourism and that is why restaurant prices tend to be expensive. For example, a meal consisting of a fish fillet, rice, beans and a beer can cost $500.00 MXN.

Pretty expensive, isn’t it? But not in all places it usually has this cost, there are some food places, even in front of the sea that can cost $150.00 MXN for a similar meal or there are some stores where you can buy provisions and save even more.


What would the island be without tours, right? The island offers different tours to get to know more deeply its charm, such as the bioluminescence tour or the 3 islands tour.

Of course, let’s not forget about the whale shark swimming tour or the romantic dinner. Well, the cost of these tours varies depending on which one you want and they are as follows:

  • 3 Islands Tour: $550.00 MXN per person
  • Bioluminescence Tour: $400.00 MXN per person
  • Whale Shark Swim: $2,500.00 MXN per person

There are other tours, however these are the most outstanding.

Final cost

Assuming that we are looking to economize as much as possible, the breakdown of expenses and final cost for visiting Holbox in one day is as follows:

  • Transportation: $632.00 MXN
  • Ferry: $440.00 MXN
  • Cab: $80.00 MXN
  • Lunch: $300.00 MXN
  • Lodging: $180.00 MXN
  • Tour: $1,000.00 MXN

The total cost to visit Holbox Island is $2,632.00 MXN.


This is the cost of visiting Holbox Island, this is clearly considering that you will require lodging and you will take at least 2 tours. However, this can be more or less, depending on the type of transportation, if you find accommodation or not and even if you decide to bring your own provisions or not. Therefore, it has to be taken as a budget estimate and not a necessary expense to visit this wonderful Mexican Caribbean island.


Ferry to Holbox

Are you considering visiting Holbox? We have already told you in previous posts about how to get to Holbox and something very important to mention is the following: Holbox is an island and in order to get to this paradisiacal island, first you have to get to the seaport of Chiquila so that from there, you can take the ferry to Holbox.

Remember that the best option to get to Holbox from Cancun, is our private transfer service and in which we have a 10% discount by booking now.

transfers to holbox

If this is clear, then you must be wondering: What is the cost of the ferry to Holbox, what is the departure time of the ferry to Holbox, what is the return time of the ferry? Well, keep reading this article because right now we will tell you everything you need to know.

Where can I take the ferry to Holbox?

Chiquila is a very small town located in the municipality of Lazaro Cardenas and has a population of only 1200 inhabitants. Its main commercial and economic activity is developed mainly in the famous port of Chiquila, where you can even see the colorful letters of the town.

The port of Chiquila is known mainly for being the direct point of connection to take a ferry, a tour or a boat to Holbox Island.

What is the price of the ferry to Holbox?

The cost of the ferry to Holbox, just a few months ago and which lasted for years, was 150.00 MXN single trip to go from the Port of Chiquila to the Port of Holbox and 150.00 MXN to go from the Port of Holbox to the Port of Chiquila. Or in other words, the round trip cost to and from Holbox was 300.00 MXN for adults. Meanwhile, minors paid 200.00 MXN round trip.

However, due to the pandemic, low demand and various restrictions the current cost of the Ferry to cross to Holbox is 220.00 MXN and 220.00 MXN to return or in other words, the cost of the round trip Ferry is 440.00 MXN for adults and children pay 260.00 MXN.

What is the schedule of the Ferry to Holbox?

From the seaport of Chiquila and from the Holbox seaport, there are two ferry companies, 9 Hermanos and Holbox Express, but not both leave at the same time. Each one of them has established and staggered schedules, which allows you to go on one company and return on the other.

It is worth mentioning that both companies have the same ticket cost, which we mentioned a few lines above.

9 Hermanos Ferry Schedule

Holbox to ChiquilaChiquila to Holbox

Holbox Express Ferry Schedule


Holbox to ChiquilaChiquila to Holbox

What is the first departure time from Chiquila to Holbox?

The first ferry schedule from the port of Chiquila to Holbox Island is at 6:00 am and is provided by the company 3 hermanos.

What is the latest departure time from Holbox to Chiquila?

The last ferry departing from the port of Holbox to Chiquila is at 10:30 pm and the service is provided by the company 3 hermanos. It should be noted that once this last ferry leaves the port is closed and you cannot leave the island until the next day.

Is it possible to reserve the ferry ticket online?

No, as such there is not yet an online reservation system to purchase the ticket. Therefore, you have to arrive about 15 minutes in advance to be able to buy the ticket and board the ferry either going or returning.

Any possible changes that may arise in the Ferry schedules or costs, be sure we will post them here and if you still don’t know where to stay, visit our recommendation of the best hotels in Holbox.

Best hotels in Holbox

Do you want to discover Holbox? This unbelievable Caribbean island in Mexico will leave you breathless for its unique charm, its virgin island splendor, its calm waters, its peacefulness and of course, the homelike and tropical atmosphere that will make you want to come back.

One of the best ways to enjoy your vacation on this island is by staying at the best hotels in Holbox and if you still don’t know which are them, then keep reading because we will tell you now.

Best hotels in Holbox

Best hotels in Holbox

Although it is a small island, Holbox has a large number of hotels and although it has affordable accommodations, it also has accommodations that tend to be a little high in price, but they are well worth knowing and staying in them, because of their peculiar characteristics and advantages.

So if you are looking for which are the ones , prepare your wallet. But it doesn’t all have to be bad news; if you need a transfer in Holbox, we can help you with a 10% discount by booking now.

transfers to holbox

Caracol Villas

Beautiful and elegant hotel that looks like a cabana, but a very elegant cabana and very close to the natural reserve of Yum Balam, home to exotic birds, sea turtles, dolphins and whale sharks.

All these features make the Villas Caracol resort one of the best lodging options for couples.

Actually this hotel is not an “adults only hotel”, however it only offers a Suite with whirlpool bathtub for two people. Therefore, it is perfect for a honeymoon getaway.

In addition to being a guest of this hotel, you will be able to use the Villa Caracol’s kayaks to explore the island and the sea. The establishment also has a beach club with a bar-restaurant, open from 10:00 to 19:00. Breakfast is served from 08:30 to 11:00.

Villas Caracol- best hotels holbox

El Corazón Boutique Hotel – Adults Only

Unlike the previous accommodation, the Corazón Boutique Hotel is a hotel designed and created for couples looking for an adults-only vacation, whether for a honeymoon, a romantic getaway or even to rekindle the flames of that love they swore to have.

This resort as such, is located just 250 meters from the beach, includes breakfast in your accommodation plan and has rooms and suites.

It is worth mentioning that this accommodation is not very expensive compared to the previous one and this is because it implements an ecological concept. In this way the hotel helps to preserve the ecology of the island.

Therefore, all mattresses are made of bamboo, which helps to maintain a cool temperature and the sheets are 100% cotton. Biodegradable cleaning products and personal hygiene products are also used in all rooms.

El Corazón Boutique Hotel - Adults Only

Palapas del Sol

Want to stay in front of the beach in Holbox? Then you must visit the Palapas del Sol hotel. The establishment has an intimate atmosphere and although it has the advantage of being in front of the beach, the center of the island is just a few steps away.

The rooms are located in 6 palapa-style beach cabanas, with palm roofs, their own terrace with hammocks and include mosquito nets on each window.

But that’s not all, as they also feature Mexican-style décor and have tiled floors, private bathrooms and sitting area with iPod docking station and if that’s not enough for you, the hotel has an outdoor pool located on the Palapas del Sol beach area, overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Palapas del Sol - best hotels in holbox

Casa Astral Luxury Hotel

Being a 4-star hotel and one of the best accommodations in Holbox, with 4 floors and a rooftop pool, the Casa Astral Luxury Hotel has to be among your list of options for visiting the island.

The Casa Astral Luxury offers family rooms and terrace, with air conditioning, closet, safe, flat screen TV, balcony and private bathroom with shower. All rooms at Casa Astral Luxury Hotel include bed linens and towels, and the pool on the top floor will make you admire the beauty of the island in its entirety.

Casa Astral Luxury Hotel

Casa HX Hotel

Hotel Casa HX joins the list of 4-star resorts that are perfect for a few days on the beautiful island of Holbox. Here you can find rooms and elegant suites where you can enjoy the tranquility with your partner.

In addition, the establishment has an adults-only concept and features a restaurant, bar, common lounge and outdoor pool, garden and air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi and private bathroom.

Hotel Casa HX


Without a doubt, the island has some excellent accommodations that do not deny us all the luxuries to which we are used to and if all these resorts are not added here, be sure that very soon we will do it. But in the meantime, which one did you like the most?

Hotels in Holbox cheap

We are not going to deny it; visiting Holbox is not affordable at all, or at least not in appearances. Being an island that over time has gained much relevance, a small place that receives thousands of tourists a year, and high demand, the prices of food and accommodations can be sky high.

And just to give an example, a delicious fish fillet, with rice, beans and french fries can cost you almost 500.00 MXN. It is very expensive, right? But don’t get discouraged. Just like anywhere else, the island has restaurants and hotels that are usually inexpensive.

In the same example: you can enjoy a delicious fish fillet, with rice, beans, potatoes and even a cold beer for less than 150.00 MXN. Surprised, aren’t you? Well, just as there are cheap places to eat, there are cheap hotels in Holbox where to spend the night and now we will list the best ones.

Hotels in Holbox cheap

Budget Holbox Hotels

Before starting the list of the best budget Holbox accommodations, it is necessary to mention that in order to get to this paradisiacal island, you have to take a road trip of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and then another trip by sea of approximately 30 minutes.

If you want to know the whole process to get to this beautiful island, you can read our article on how to get to Holbox, but if you want to save the reading and also get a 10% discount: Book now your transportation service to Holbox with us.

transfers to holbox

Kin Camping

Generally hotels in Holbox can cost from 800 to 4500 per night. Still too expensive? If you are looking for much cheaper options, the island has several hostels and hotels that offer camping spaces, such as Kin Camping.

This place offers tents that cost approximately 300.00 MXN to 400.00 MXN per night for two people. It should be noted that the place is very picturesque and has common areas for all its guests, such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

Kin Camping - cheap lodging holbox

Balam Ecocamping & cabins

Another option similar to the previous one, but with a much larger space is Balam Ecocamping & cabins. Here you can have the option of renting a tent for two people, which costs approximately 400.00 MXN per night.

There are also tents for 3 people, at an average cost of 600.00 MXN and if you want something a little more elegant, romantic and private you can make use of a one bedroom Bungalow at almost 600.00 MXN.

Balam Ecocamping & cabañas - cheap lodging in holbox

Mapache Hostel & Camping

The next option for budget lodging in Holbox at less than 400.00 MXN is the Mapache Hostel & Camping. As its name suggests, the place has shared rooms and also has space for tents.

The cost of the tent is usually between 350.00 MXN, up to 450.00 MXN, but if you want a bunk bed in a shared room, it has a similar price. On the other hand, if you want a slightly private room for two people, it has an average cost of 900.00 MXN.

It is worth mentioning that this accommodation is located 200 meters from the beach and serves a continental or buffet breakfast.

Mapache Hostel & Camping

Hotel Los Arcos Holbox

Hotel Los Arcos Holbox is located in front of the main square of the island or, what would be the center of the island. Therefore, if you decide to stay here; you will be surrounded by the emblematic life and atmosphere of the island, where you can even make friends with other travelers visiting Holbox.

The cost per night of their rooms can cost from 1,000 MXN to 1,500.00 MXN, it all depends a lot on the season, but even sometimes they have excellent offers that leave the cost of their rooms up to 700.00 MXN.

Hotel Los Arcos Holbox - cheap hotels in holbox

Golden Paradise Town

Our last option for budget lodging in Holbox is the Golden Paradise Town hotel. The hotel is a two-story, 3-star rated hotel with pleasant rooms for two people, as well as family suites.

The establishment offers air-conditioned rooms with cable TV, minibar and private bathroom with shower. WiFi is available throughout. And the Classic Double Room for two people can cost from 800.00 MXN to 1,000.00 MXN per night.

Golden Paradise Town


This list is nowhere near the large amount of budget accommodations on the island, but we can guarantee that between quality, costs and service, these are the ones that stand out the most and of course, recommended for you and now that you know them. Are you ready to get to know #Holbox?

How to get to Chiquila

Do you want to visit Holbox Island? Surely you have already heard a lot about this island and you really want to know it. Well, we can take you with our private transfer service to Holbox. However, if you want to know how to do it on your own, keep reading because now we will tell you how to get to Chiquila.


What is Chiquila?

In short, Chiquila is a small fishing village located in the municipality of Lazaro Cardenas and is part of the state of Quintana Roo. And no, it is not part of the Riviera Maya, as it would be other village destinations.

Why do I have to come here?

As such the fishing village of Chiquila is small and has a very busy wildlife, however its main attraction is its seaport. It is the only port that exists to get to Holbox.

In a few words: if you want to visit Holbox Island, first you have to get to the Chiquila seaport to take the ferry to Holbox.

How to get to Chiquila

How to get to Chiquila

As we just mentioned, Chiquila is very busy just for having the port from which ferries to Holbox Island are taken, so if you are looking for how to get to this small but nice place you have 4 options: Private transportation, bus and Colectivos.

Private Transportation

The easiest option to get to the port of Chiquila is through a private transfer service. Being a private transportation service, they will pick you up at the Cancun airport or wherever you are, be it Cancun, Puerto Morelos or Playa del Carmen and transfer you comfortably, safely and quickly to Chiquila.

Private Transportation chiquilla


The ADO bus transfer service is an excellent economic option to go to Chiquila and of course, there is another bus route that you can take from Playa del Carmen or Tulum.

The cost will really depend on where you take it from, port can be from 200.00 MXN to 300.00 MXN per person. And of course, another detail to consider are the schedules and departure points.

So if you want to take this option, investigate very well the schedules, departure points and costs.

busa transportation to chiquilla


If you are still looking to save even more on the transfer to Chiquila, the last option we have for you is the shared transportation service of the various colectivos that exist in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

This type of transportation costs from 150.00 MXN to 250.00 MXN per person and just like the buses, it has specific departure times and points.

Colectivos cancun to holbox


As you can see, getting to the town of Chiquila from Cancun, from Playa del Carmen or from Tulum is not very complicated. You have 3 means of transportation and then you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to get to Holbox from Cancun?

Holbox is a Mexican island located in the Yucatan channel that in recent decades has become a tourist destination for adventure and relaxation. The tours in the island are refreshing and the local food is exquisite, and today we will show you how to get to Holbox from Cancun and in this post we will tell you how to get to Holbox from Cancun.

how to get to holbox

Its climate is warm and its ambience is rustic. It has become a sanctuary for a large number of protected species, both flora and fauna. It is a happy and very quiet place, where you will find unpaved streets and charming people.

During the day it is common that all the people attending the Island are on the beach, taking advantage of the majestic sun to toast their skins and acquire luminous tans. At night, the center of town offers a variety of distractions for family and couples.

Holbox Island is a quiet place par excellence. Vacationers enjoy the tranquility of the place and feel comfortable with the local attention. If you want to know how to go to Holbox, I invite you to continue reading this post, where we will show you different ways to get to Holbox.

Holbox is one of the few places in Mexico where you can enjoy Bioluminescence.

holbox mexico how to get

How to get to Holbox from Cancun?

If you want to know The only way to get to Holbox Island is by ferry, so there are several ferry companies that offer their services to move people to Holbox Island

They can be found in Cancun or Chiquila. BUT in the same way, you must acquire a means of transport to be able to reach the shipments from where the ferries leave to the Island.

In short you need some way to get from Cancun to the port of Chiquila, which is the place where you “take” the ferry to Holbox Island.

ferry to holbox

Rent a transport from the airport

For those tourists who do not want to make a bad life driving on the road, but plan to rest and enjoy the trip, there is the option of hiring a private transport such as the company Cancun Shuttle.

Cancun Shuttle offers private transportation services from the Cancun Airport or from your Hotel to Chiquila, where you can take a ferry and go to the wonderful Holbox Island.

Do you want us to improve our offer? Use the code TRANSFER10 and get a 10% discount at the time of booking and just click here.

happy shuttle cancun promo code


While not an economical option, it is a quick one. A cab or an Uber can take you from Cancun to Chiquila to take a ferry to Holbox Island in 20 minutes. You should take into consideration that the trip from Cancun to Chiquila is approximately 2 hours.

Rent a car

If you are one of those who likes to drive to your destination, you can contact a car rental agency. You can take the intercity route that will take you through various towns, so you can enjoy the local culture. This way, you can schedule your arrival time in Chiquila. An alternative route is the toll road.

ADO buses

You can go to the “ADO” bus terminal in Cancun. There you can take a bus to Chiquila and take a ferry to Holbox Island. There are also collective Vans and Combis that are more economical.

bus to get to holbox


As we have indicated before you can take a ferry from the city of Chiquila to Holbox Island. These ferries leave several times a day. In case you can’t take it you can go sightseeing in the area to make time and wait for the next one. Otherwise, you can stay in a hotel and wait until the next day.

From Cancun there is also a ferry service that takes you to Holbox, however, this trip is a little slower than the options presented above.

Now that you know all the ways to go to Holbox from Cancun, we invite you to read our post that will show you How to get to Tulum from Cancun.