What to do in Cancun with children

What to do in Cancun with children

One of the great benefits of visiting the city of Cancun is that there are various activities to do for everyone, from extreme sports, to the best night parties, but in this article we will tell you what to do in Cancun with children.

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What to do in Cancun with children

Cancun has several activities to do with the family, such as enjoying a show on the pirate ship, or being on the beaches and not forgetting to swim with dolphins. These are just some of the activities you can do with children in the city and now we will know more.

Create sand castles on the beach

One of the activities to do in Cancun with children is to build sand castles, for its smoothness and purity of the sand of the beaches of Cancun can practice this beautiful art where also parents can participate to make the moment more enjoyable.

Of course, except to say that not all the beaches of the city are suitable for children, however the most recommended are Playa las Perlas, Langosta, Playa Gaviotas and Playa Tortugas, which are more familiar and have very calm waters.

Create sand castles on the beach - What to do in Cancun with children


What would it be like to visit the city without snorkeling? Just as the city has beaches with very “unruly” waters, there are also calm waters near the reefs that allow the whole family to snorkel safely.

Of course, some of them are through private tours and others directly from the beaches mentioned above, but we will mention them again.

Playa Caracol

In this beach it is possible to practice Snorkeling both children and adults, because the waters are extremely transparent that will allow children who know how to swim very well, to visualize live and directly the marine wildlife that lives on the beach.

Tortuga Beach

It joins the list of beaches that allow snorkeling in the city and is located at kilometer 6.5 of the hotel zone.

Playa Norte (North Beach)

This beach is located in Isla Mujeres and it doesn’t matter if you travel with children, alone or with your partner, you have to know it.

Playa Paamul

In Playa Paamul there is a moderate swell, located about 20 kilometers south of Playa del Carmen, this beach is ideal for children who already know how to swim safely for snorkeling. Also this beach allows you to rest in its comfortable cabins arranged among the vegetation that surrounds Playa Paamul.

Xel ha

This is a place close to the city and is the best place to go snorkeling, because you will be surprised by the amount of fish that will be around you.

Snorkel - What to do in Cancun with children

Boat trip

Playa Tortugas is another very quiet beach to have a good time with the family, it allows you to enjoy the sea in a very safe way because you have to go deeper than 20 meters to find depth, due to this feature you can take a boat ride or make a trip to the famous island Isla Mujeres.

Boat trip - What to do in Cancun with children

Captain Hooks Tour

And now that we mention the boats, one of the best activities you can do with children in the city is to enjoy the dinner and show of the Captain Hooks tour.

This is a tour where you will get on a replica of the Spanish galleon to tour the city’s seas, while having fun with the show and the pirate adventure it has prepared for you.

Captain Hooks Tour - What to do in Cancun with children


We know that Cancun is close to other regions of the Riviera Maya that make up your travel experience and Mahahual is one of these places that lends itself to visiting with the family.

Here we can find a great variety of coral formations and marine fauna such as: dolphins, sponges, sea turtles, sea horses, manatees and a lot of coral fish.

The waves of its waters are soft which allows families to rest and enjoy bathing with total confidence, adults relax and children take classes of marine life.

There are hotels like the Barceló Costa Cancún, Beach Cancún, Oasis Palm and Aguamarina that offer ideal beaches for relaxing and doing quiet activities, especially for families traveling with their children.

Generally there are no strong waves and they are very good for learning to swim safely. They also have a small marina where water activities are available for the little ones.

What to do in Cancun with children - visit mahahual

Getting to know Isla Mujeres

A little further up we mentioned Playa Norte, one of the best beaches on Isla Mujeres, but this is not the only one, as the island has several other beaches and all are ideal for visiting with children.

In fact, the whole island is perfect for visiting it with the family and although this may take a whole day, you will definitely not regret it.

Getting to know Isla Mujeres - What to do in Cancun with children

Swim with dolphins

It is a wonderful experience, a beautiful memory that lasts a lifetime of traveling to Cancun with children, swimming surrounded by dolphins is one of the best experiences that can exist.

Best of all, Cancun and its nearby cities have different dolphinariums that allow you to experience the approach of these incredible mammals and learn more about their natural habitat.

Swim with dolphins

Visit Ventura Park

Ventura Park (formerly Wet’n Wild) is the largest water park in the city and one that promises fun not only for kids, but for adults as well.

This park has been reinvented, offering access to 6 different thematic worlds among which we can find, ziplines, fairs, virtual reality and without forgetting the famous slides.

Among other attractions, the park offers visitors an artificial beach with waves, access to the real beach, children’s area and various restaurants. Very easy is the access in vehicles.

However, if you do not have any kind of transportation, you can hire the services of https://transfercancun-airport.com/es/. We love it because it handles a varied fleet of vehicles according to your tastes and needs and offers discounts according to the service you require. Contact them they are very reliable and safe, you will not regret it.

Visit Ventura Park

Stay at Child Friendly Hotels

In Playa del Carmen, there is the Rosewood Mayakoba where the Rose Buds program stands out as something to do in Cancun with children, it presents a great variety of activities for all ages. It offers a sort of children’s club with televisions and a play area, as well as a bedroom for taking a nap and reading a book, and even an arts and crafts area.

In addition, they organize activities in contests to reward the best sand castles built, secons for making piñatas, exclusive classes for making jewelry in the Mayan style and talent contests.

This hotel also offers other services such as day care, adjacent rooms for families with many children, wireless baby monitors, children’s spa, etc.

Stay at Child Friendly Hotels

And these are just some of the many activities we can do with children in Cancun and little by little we will add the others, so bookmark this post.

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