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Frequently Asked Questions

Whybook with"Transfer Cancun Airport"?

Because we are a safe and very reliable company. We have issued the necessary permits from Cancun International Airport to be in special areas to expect on arrival, in addition to that, we have secured new units. All our drivers speak their language (English).

Is it safe to travel with "Transfer Cancun Airport"?

Of course it is safe to travel with us. Before hiring any staff member, they need to pass a series of testing and provide sufficient personal information. Request federal driver's license, have no criminal record, anti-doping tests and three letters of recommendation issued by a company. To "Transfer Cancun Airport" the most important are our customers, that's why we make sure we have adequate staff to meet you arrival in our country.

What if I had delayed my flight?

We are monitoring at all times the flights of our customers. If a flight were to delay our representative would monitor your flight and your transportation will be waiting at all times until you arrive.

If I no longer require the transportation, How I can cancel?

You may cancel your transportation up to 24 hours before and have no additional cost.

How I can find my transportation to my arrival at the airport?

Our representative will be in the finish area that each airport terminal, there you will find the representative with a banner that will take your name. If you do not get to see our representative, we rely on a number that is completely free in Boucher find out. The airport has a phone in the back of Margarita Ville is located in the arrival area so you can make any call.

What are the payment options that handle?

We have two payment methods: one of them is online through Paypal/Conekta on our website and the second is in cash upon arrival. We advise our customers to make payment in cash upon arrival.

Do you have a department of "lost & found"?

Yes, we have the special service of “lost & found”. After each tranportation service, our representatives of “Transfer Cancun Airport” check every vehicle and if they find a forgotten item immediately reported to the administrator of operation. You can communicate through to request your forgotten item and this in turn will be sent. Any items forgotten, can be sent via FedEx, DHL, UPS, or any parcel and courier service of your choice. You would have to pay the courier service.

If I travel with my pet, can climb into the car?

Of course. "Transfer Cancun Airport"  the most important is the client and we know perfectly well the pet is an important part of the family, that is why we have no problem transporting your pet, plus it does not generate any additional cost to you.

Can you rent the vehicle for private tours or shopping service?

Of course. You can rent our services for private tours for you and your family and / or friends. The rental service is hourly plus it also have the service so you can shop at a mall of their choice.

Can you drink alcoholic beverages during transportation?

Of course. We have no problem that you drink alcohol inside the vehicle. "Transfer Cancun Airport" offers a courtesy stop at a 7 eleven during transportation for you to buy alcohol or water, since our knowledge is the high prices of these items are handled inside the airport.

Do you have special prices for groups or weddings?

We have special rates for groups and/or weddings. If you have a group or a wedding and need a transportation, you can contact in our mail reservation@transfercancun-airport.com to offer rates and any questions of details that is moving.

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