Cenote Azul Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is full of cenotes everywhere, some very well known, others very little known and others still unknown. So sometimes it gets a little complicated to choose which one to go to, among so many options.

But if you allow us to give you a recommendation, the cenote that you have to visit is the Cenote Azul Riviera Maya and right now we will tell you about it.

Cenote Azul Riviera Maya

Cenote Azul Riviera Maya

Cenote Azul is a cenote located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Its turquoise blue waters are very striking and it is an open cenote with several shallow areas.

Something that highlights the landscape of this place is that the blue cenote has an L shape and at the same time, its shallow areas make it ideal to visit with the family.

riviera maya cenote azul

How to get to Cenote Azul?

Cenote Azul is located 20 km away from Playa del Carmen and 10 km from Puerto Aventuras. Of course, if we leave from Cancun, this distance is approximately 138 km.

If you leave from Playa del Carmen, you really won’t have many problems to get to this cenote. You can take the shuttle service from Tulum. This means of transportation can be found from the fifth avenue of Playa del Carmen. As such, its destination is downtown Tulum, but you can ask the driver to drop you off at the entrance of Cenote Azul. Of course, you also have the option of a cab from Playa del Carmen.

If you are in Cancun, the best transfer option is the private transportation service and remember that we can help you with that. We offer private transfers in comfortable, safe, clean vehicles and of course, equipped with air conditioning and WIFI.

private transportation service to cenote azul riviera maya

In case you want another type of transfer, you can choose to take the Playa Express colectivo. This colectivo has a cost of 55.00 MXN per person and its destination is Playa del Carmen.

Remember that in Playa del Carmen you can take another colectivo or a cab to get to Cenote Azul.

Cenote Azul Activities

The main activity in Cenote Azul is undoubtedly snorkeling, but of course the place is equipped to do some other activities inside it. So right now we will tell you what they are.

  • Snorkeling: The cenote is very beautiful and of course, it lends itself to swimming and snorkeling. Remember that it is a cenote that has several shallow areas, therefore, it is a safe place for the whole family: It is a safe place for the whole family.
  • Diving: In spite of having many shallow areas, the cenote still lends itself to diving. It should be noted that like any other place in the region, it is necessary to be certified as a professional diver.
  • Artistic photography: The beauty of this cenote is perfect for lovers of artistic photography, so if you are one of them, forget your bathing suit and bring your best suits to immortalize your stay here.
  • Picni: As we have said from the beginning, the place is completely family friendly, so if you are looking for a day in the countryside, contemplating nature and enjoying the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, this is the place to be.


If you thought that the place as such was “literally” an approach to nature, where you were going to say goodbye to bathrooms, showers or lounge chairs, you are very wrong.

El Cenote Azul is equipped for the comfort of all its visitors and has:

  • Rental of life jackets and snorkel equipment.
  • Basic store.
  • Parking lot.
  • Stretchers
  • Umbrella
  • Lifeguard

It should be noted that it is best to bring your own supplies, since the prices of the store that has the place, tend to be high.

Hours and Costs cenote azul

Hours and Costs

The cenote is open from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm every day of the year and the approximate cost is $120 Mexican pesos ($6 USD), $100 pesos for residents of Quintana Roo and $80 pesos ($4 USD) for children from 4 to 8 years old.

It should be noted that these costs may change without prior notice, but do not exceed 200.00 MXN ($10 USD).


The Riviera Maya is not only beaches, there are also caverns, natural parks and cenotes and one of the advantages of visiting a cenote, is to be able to visit others, because they are almost always close to each other. So without a doubt, you have to live the experience of visiting, knowing and enjoying the blue cenote.

Archaeological site Tulum

The archaeological site of Tulum is one of the most impressive sites in the Riviera Maya and of course, not only the site as such: also the city, its beaches, its hotels, its restaurants and its natural areas.

We’ll tell you about all that another time, because today we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the archaeological site of Tulum.

But before we start, don’t forget to book your private transfer service to Tulum with us.

promo codo cancun airport to tulum

Archaeological site Tulum

The name Tulum comes from the Yucatec word for “wall”. It is likely that the city’s original name was something like Zama or “place of the dawn”, which makes sense when you see the sites’ dramatic outlook toward the east.

Tulum, 130 km south of Cancún, considered by many as the most beautiful of the Mayan sites, is small but exquisitely poised on the fifteen-meter-high cliffs above the Caribbean. When the Spanish first set eyes on the place in 1518, they considered it as large and beautiful a city as Seville, Spain.

The site (open daily from 8am-5pm), is about one km from the main road, so make sure to get off at the turnoff to the ruins and not at the actual village of Tulum a few kilometers farther on. You enter through a breach in the wall which protected the city on three sides.

Archaeological site Tulum

The fourth was defended by the sea. This wall, some 5m (16ft) high with a walkway around the top, may have been defensive, but more likely its prime purpose was to distinguish the ceremonial and administrative zone (the site you see now) from the residential enclaves, which were mostly constructed of perishable material.

As you go through the walls, the chief structures lie directly ahead of you, with The Castillo (The Castle) rising on its rocky prominence above the sea.

At The Templo de los Frescos (Temple of the Frescoes), the partly restored murals that can be seen inside the temple depict Mayan Gods and symbols of nature’s fertility; rain, corn and fish.

They originally adorned an earlier structure and have been preserved by the construction of a gallery around them, and still later (during the fifteenth century) by the addition of a second temple. Characteristically, its walls slope outwards at the top. Carved on the corners of the gallery are masks of Chac, or perhaps of the creator, God Itzamna.

The Castillo, on the highest part of the site, commands imposing views in every direction. Aside from its role as a temple, it may well have served as a beacon or lighthouse.

Archaeological site Tulum - the castiillo

Even without a light it would have been and important landmark for mariners along an otherwise monotonously featureless coastline. You climb first to a small square, in the middle of which stood an altar, before climbibg the broad stairway to the top of the castle itself.

To the left of this plaza stands the Templo del Dios Descendente. The diving or descending god-depicted here above the narrow entrance of the temple appears all over Tulum as a small, upside-down figure.

His exact significance is not known. He may represent the setting sun, rain, lightning, or he may be the Bee God, since honey was one of the Mayan’s most important exports.

Opposite is the Templo de Las Series Iniciales (Temple of the Initial Series), so called because in it was found a stela bearing a date well before the foundation of the city, and presumably brought here from else where.

Archaeological site Tulum


The archaeological site of Tulum is one of the most important areas of the region and as such you have to visit it on your next vacation in the Riviera Maya. You have to know it, you have to admire it and you have to take the opportunity to enjoy its nearby beaches.


How to get to Akumal from Cancun

Akumal is a beach destination in the Riviera Maya and is situated within 20 minutes away from the city of Tulum. It is a place where wildlife is a part of nature, as it has an incredible sanctuary with interactive species such as monkeys, birds, goats and without leaving aside the fact that it is the biggest sea turtle sanctuary.

How to get to Akumal from Cancun


In fact, here you can take a tour to swim with turtles and obviously enjoy the presence of other sea life such as manatees. Without a question this is a spot you have to know and if you still don’t understand how to get there, don’t worry, because here we will explain you how to get to Akumal.

How to get to Akumal from Cancun

Akumal is situated 105 km from the city of Cancun and 92 km from the Cancun airport. In few words, it is a somewhat distant region from the city.

So how can I get to Akumal? So, there are 3 ways to get to Akumal and depending on the one you pick, the price, time and commodity will change a lot. But don’t worry because now we will tell you about the 3 options so you can choose the best one.

Private Transportation

The private transfer service is the best option to get to Akumal from the city of Cancun, no matter if you are in downtown or arriving at the airport.

Remember that this service, being private, can be booked online and the vehicle will pick you up at your hotel in the city or will be waiting for you at the Cancun airport.

This way, you can rest assured that you will arrive at your destination safely, quickly and comfortably.

Private Transportation


If you are looking for an option to save money and enjoy your vacation to the fullest, the ADO transfer service could be an option for you. As such it is a low cost service and you can take it from downtown Cancun.

However, this shared transfer service does not have Akumal as its destination, its destination is the city of Tulum. However, from downtown Tulum you can take a cab to Akumal.

So it becomes a possible transfer option to get to Akumal from Cancun.

How to get to Akumal from Cancun to ado


The colectivos are low cost shared transportation units, and you can find them in front of the ADO terminal in downtown Cancun.

The cost is 55.00 MXN and the company is called Playa Express. As such, it leaves every 30 minutes to Playa del Carmen, and in Playa del Carmen, there is another shared shuttle company called “servicio de traslado Tulum”.

Then, the next step is to take one of these colectivos that have the city of Tulum as destination. But in this case, you can ask to get off in Akumal.

So this can become another option of your interest to get to Akumal.

Colectivos to akumal


Getting to Akumal can be quite an odyssey depending on the means of transportation you choose. As you may have noticed, there are quick, easy and simple ways such as private transfer services, but also some a bit complicated ones such as shared transfers.

However, whichever you choose: Believe that once you arrive in Akumal, you will notice that it has been worth the transfer time and the process. Because Akumal is one of the secret paradises of the Riviera Maya and you have to know it.

Where to eat in Tulum

Are you hungry? Don’t worry about it, because in Tulum you can find several restaurants where to eat: from exclusive and luxury places, to humble food places. From classic Mexican food to the most succulent international dishes. So if you are wondering where to eat in Tulum, keep reading this post because now we will tell you.

Where to eat in Tulum

The city of Tulum has become a favorite destination for hundreds of travelers visiting the Riviera Maya and although it is a city that is not “very close to Cancun”, its jungle, nomadic, beach life combines perfectly with modern times and glamorous places.

Remember: If you still don’t know how to get to Tulum, we give you a 10% discount on your private transfer service to Tulum and you can’t miss it.

promo codo cancun airport to tulum

Now, let’s get to know the best restaurants in Tulum.

La Fonda Tulum

Tulum has been characterized by its simplicity and at the same time, by the quality of the services of the place. It is practically a city that seems to be “stopped in time”, but when we go around it, we find places that break our expectations.

If we are talking about eating, the restaurant “La Fonda Tulum” is one of these places: A place that seems simple, but when we enter, the taste, the smell, the attention and the establishment itself will make us enjoy every moment we are there.

La Fonda Tulum offers seafood, Mediterranean and Mexican food. A place that lends itself for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and even for romantic dinners.

Tora Tulum

Want to enjoy a first class meal in one of the best places in Tulum? Without a doubt, you have to go to Tora Tulum: A luxury restaurant, which undoubtedly breaks all your expectations with its decoration, its facilities and the various live shows that are performed almost every night.

This restaurant is located in the hotel zone of Tulum and offers you a contemporary gastronomic experience of Japanese haute cuisine, which combines ancient and avant-garde techniques. The balance between gastronomic traditions and the creativity of modern cuisine, combined with the selection of gourmet products of the highest quality, to give life to this concept.

tora tulum - Where to eat in Tulum


In the mood for a light but delicious breakfast? Then you have to consider going to Fresco’s restaurant.  As its name suggests: It is a healthy food place in Tulum where it offers you diverse breakfast options, with local and always fresh elements.

And not only for its quality, attention and taste of their creations this place has become famous, also for the creativity and presentation of all its dishes.

Come and enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or a casual dinner, you won’t regret it!

Fresco's donde desayunar tulum

Funky Geisha Tulum

Japanese food restaurants have become more and more excellent dining options in Tulum. The tora restaurant is one of them, but not the only one of its kind, and if there is a restaurant that competes with it in terms of taste, creativity of its dishes and of course the architecture of the place, it is Funky Geisha Tulum.

The place specializes in Asian gastronomy and that is why we can find the best and most delicious dishes of Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine.

The place has a space to relax and enjoy with friends; with low rustic wooden tables, comfortable puffs, oriental rugs and traditional cushions, where you can enjoy the latest in conceptual music, played by the resident DJ.

La Zebra Beach Restaurant and Bar

Want to eat in front of the sea? Then head to La Zebra Beach Restaurant and Bar. A place to enjoy Caribbean, Mexican and ocean food. Of course without leaving out the beautiful beach nearby, where you can watch the sunsets, sunbathe and enjoy its crystal clear waters.

La Zebra Beach Restaurant and Bar


Tulum has many restaurants where to eat and without a doubt, these 5 are places that you have to at least consider when enjoying the gastronomic pleasures of the city. Which other place would you recommend? We’ll read you in the comments.


Night clubs in Tulum

Just like Cancun or Playa del Carmen, the city of Tulum has a very active nightlife, with bars, concerts, festivals, nightclubs and of course some nightclubs.  Obviously, the night clubs in Tulum don’t compare at all to the night clubs in Cancun or the night clubs in Playa del Carmen, but without a doubt they are places where you will have fun until dawn and right now we will tell you which are the best and most recommended night clubs in Tulum.

Night clubs in Tulum

Nightclubs in Tulum

If you are staying at a hotel in Tulum and will spend a few days visiting this beautiful region of the Mexican Caribbean, surely you are also interested in getting to know its nightlife and entertainment options. Well, keep reading because right now we will tell you what they are and of course, don’t forget that we can take you to the door of your hotel with our transfer service to Tulum.

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If you want to enjoy an ocean view, with live music, and not only accompanied by the moon, but also by the stars. Gitano restaurant and bar is the first option for nightlife in Tulum that we can recommend.

The place has the jungle atmosphere that characterizes the region, with tables in the garden and even on the beach. And although, as such, it is not a full-fledged nightclub, believe that this will go completely unnoticed by you.

Gitano disco tulum

Papaya Playa

Papaya Playa is a beach club in Tulum well known for its nightly parties where techno music sets the mood.

Being a beach club, you can enjoy a party in front of the sea. But it is necessary to mention that being a place well known for the quality and duration of their parties, these can have a cost of 600.00 MXN per person.

But this is only the access to the place, since the drinks or the open bar is another very separate expense. So, if the problem for you is not money, come and enjoy the best night in Tulum and you will be surprised by the place, because once inside, you will be able to taste a mixology that combines liquors, fruits and fresh flavors. The decor is rustic and very nice.

Papaya Playa -Night clubs in Tulum

Snack Bar “Caribe Swing”

Are you traveling alone, do you feel like dancing, do you want to meet new people? If the answer to any of these three questions is “yes”, then you have to go directly to the Snack Bar “Caribe Swing”.

As its name suggests, it is a snack bar in Tulum, where you can go to enjoy some delicious and refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, enjoy live music and thanks to its ambiance, meet new people either other travelers like you or locals.

Also, if you are a sports lover you can watch sports here and we can’t forget, it is a nice place to dance with live music on weekends.

Snack Bar Caribe Swing

Black Rose

Rosa Negra is one of the best restaurants in Cancun and the city of Tulum has the same location and I know, you must be wondering what is a restaurant doing in an article that talks about Tulum’s nightclubs?

The answer is very simple; at night this restaurant not only becomes one of the best places to eat, but also the party is set up where the show, the beads, and the fireworks are not to be expected and dazzles all its guests, attendees and visitors.

Black Rose


These 4 options may seem very few, but believe me they will become a whole night experience of your visit to Tulum, so which one did you like the most? We’ll read you in the comments.

Best Budget Hotels in Tulum

Are you looking for budget hotels in Tulum and don’t know where to stay? If your answer is yes, don’t despair; here we offer you the best hotels in Tulum, where you can stay and enjoy tourist activities without spending a lot of money.

Best budget hotels in Tulum

Best budget hotels in Tulum

Ariché Tulum Hotel & Hostel

The Ariché Tulum Hotel & Hostal is one of the cheap hotels in Tulum with several services; it is located 4 kilometers from the Tulum archaeological zone, and offers lodging with an outdoor pool, free parking, restaurant-bar and, of course, a beautiful garden.

It also has a good location, since it is 200 meters from the Tulum bus stop and 3 kilometers from the Tulum ruins bus station; each of its bedrooms has a flat-screen TV, private bathroom, shower, free toiletries and bed linen.

The closest airport to the hotel is Cozumel airport, which is located 65 kilometers from Ariché Tulum Hotel & Hostal; making it ideal if you want to spend less on transportation.

Ariché Tulum Hotel & Hostel

Amaka Calma Riviera Tulum

If what you want is an accommodation that has a great variety of activities for a reasonable price, the Amaka Calma can’t be off your list; this is one of the budget hotels in Tulum that offers an outdoor pool, free private parking, garden and, as if that wasn’t enough, a fitness center that will keep you in shape.

The hotel’s front desk is available 24 hours a day, has an airport shuttle service, free Wi-Fi for its guests and a concierge service. In addition, the rooms offer a relaxing atmosphere with air conditioning, closet, refrigerator, coffee maker, safe, flat screen TV and private bathroom with shower; accompanied by linens and towels.

It is worth mentioning that this establishment has a perfect area for cycling; it is located 2 kilometers from the bus station and 5 kilometers from the bus stop of the Tulum ruins. The nearest international airport is Cozumel, 66 kilometers from the hotel.

Amaka Calma Riviera Tulum

TerraNova Boutique Hotel

The TerraNova Boutique Hotel is one of the top-ranked budget hotels in Tulum; known for its incredible lodging services, it offers restaurant-bar, outdoor pool, and private parking.

It is located in Tulum, 6 kilometers from the Tulum archaeological zone, 2.1 kilometers from the Tulum bus station and 5 kilometers from the Tulum ruins stop. The bedrooms have air conditioning, garden views, closet, desks, bed linens and free wifi; apart they are equipped with safe and private bathroom.

A variety of activities, such as cycling, can be practiced in the city and around the hotel. Cozumel’s international airport is the closest, at a distance of only 66 kilometers, and offers shuttle service in exchange for a supplement.

TerraNova Boutique Hotel

Carmela Tulum by Moskito

If you are looking for budget hotels in Tulum close to tourist attractions, Carmela Tulum by Moskito is ideal for you; located 1.9 kilometers from Paraiso beach and 5 km from the Tulum archaeological site, it is one of the best lodging options to get to know the different activities in Tulum.

Like most budget hotels in Tulum; it offers free wifi accommodation and outdoor pool, air conditioning, restaurant with amazing tastings, closet and linens.

Carmela Tulum by Moskito

Huaya Camp

Huaya Camp is one of the most renowned budget hotels in Tulum in the region; it has amazing garden views, restaurant, bar, room service and outdoor pool. The tented camp has free wifi and free private parking.

All apartments include a private bathroom with shower, hairdryer and toiletries free of charge. Another highlight is that it is one of the only budget hotels in Tulum that offers car rental service.

Huaya Camp

Thirteen Moons

The Trece Lunas is known as one of the most favorable budget hotels in Tulum when it comes to family accommodations; it has rooms with a fully equipped private bathroom, hair dryer, outdoor pool, garden, patio and free wifi connection.

It is located 7 kilometers from the archaeological site of Tulum; with a distance of 3 kilometers from the Tulum bus station and 6 kilometers from the bus station of the Tulum ruins.

La Palmita Budget Boutique Hotel

It is located 3 kilometers from Tulum and 3 kilometers from Playa Paraiso; it is one of the cheap hotels in Tulum that surprises any tourist.

Ideal not only for its low cost, but also because it has single rooms; therefore, the family rooms have private bathroom, terrace, air conditioning and cable TV.

La Palmita Budget Boutique Hotel


Tulum is not an expensive place as many believe, so just as there are 5 star and all-inclusive accommodations that can cost us our 4 months’ salary, there are also incredible places to stay at low cost. So what are you waiting for to visit Tulum? P.S: See also our Transportation to Tulum.

Best Hotels in Tulum

Do you want to stay in the best hotels in Tulum and don’t know which one to choose? Staying in this city is undoubtedly an investment you won’t regret; these establishments transmit a cheerful and comfortable atmosphere, while preserving its Caribbean roots, its beautiful beaches and, of course, the abundance of tourist attractions to visit in its surroundings. Here we offer you the top 5 hotels to stay in Tulum.

Best Hotels in Tulum

Best Hotels in Tulum

Tulum is a completely magical place where nature will undoubtedly surprise you in the form of cenotes, caverns, beaches, tropical jungles. But not only the nature will steal your eyes, but also its eco-natural and jungle hotels, which are a tribute to Mother Nature.

So we’ll be totally honest: If you’re thinking of visiting Tulum, a single day won’t be enough to get to know it and fall madly in love with this place, but it will be enough to awaken those uncontrollable desires to come back.

So while that happens, we delight you today with our post about the best hotels in Tulum.

Palma Real Hotel

This is one of the most popular hotels in Tulum; it offers an outdoor pool, restaurant-bar and free wifi. It is located 21 kilometers from the Mayan ruins and the beaches of Tulum National Park, which is an ideal location if you want to visit other tourist attractions.

Another highlight is that the Quintana Roo National Park is only 5 kilometers from this establishment, and the archaeological site of Coba, 21 kilometers away.

The bedrooms at Hotel Palma Real have a simple and elegant decoration with tiled floors; they are equipped with private bathroom, shower, cable TV, hairdryer and air conditioning. Costs for a one-night room are from 1,688 MXN and up.

Palma Real Hotel


If you are looking for a lodging option with a variety of activities, the Wish Tulum is your best alternative; known as one of the hotels in Tulum near the archaeological zone, this is one of the few establishments with an a la carte restaurant. It has free wifi, outdoor pool, bicycle rentals and garden.

On the other hand, the rooms are designed in Mexican style, with colorful bedspreads and wooden furniture. They have air conditioning and living room, the private bathroom includes shower and towels; there is also a desk and safe.

Wish Tulum Hotel offers a variety of activities, such as excursions to the cenotes and natural pools located 5 minutes away by car. It also provides free private parking. It is 1.3 kilometers from the bus stop and a 5-minute drive from Encantada beach.


Zulum Hotel

Zulum is one of the hotels in Tulum that is located in a private beach area, so it is perfect if you want to see splendid ocean views; it has nice bedrooms in beachside cabanas, an outdoor pool and a restaurant-bar.

Rooms are simply decorated with bamboo and wooden furniture. Above all the Beach Club & Bar is located on the beach, and serves international cuisine with a variety of cocktails.

It is located 1 kilometer from Tulum National Park and a 10-minute drive from the indescribable Mayan ruins. Room rates for one night may vary depending on the season, with a minimum of 2,835 MXN.

Playa Esperanza Hotel Tulum

If you want to travel with your family, Playa Esperanza is one of the most convenient hotels in Tulum; it is located in Tulum, 300 meters from Paraíso beach, and offers a restaurant, free private parking, bar and garden. This lodging has family rooms and barbecue, and as if that wasn’t enough, you will have access to a private beach area!

It is located 2 kilometers from Tulum National Park and 8 kilometers from the archaeological site of Tulum. The Cozumel airport, located 63 kilometers from the hotel, is the closest airport. Costs for a one-night room start at 1,876 MXN.

Playa Esperanza Hotel Tulum . hotel in tulum

Selina Tulum

This establishment positions as one of the most complete Tulum hotels; it is located just 80 meters from Tulum’s south beach, and features beachfront accommodations, restaurant-bar and lounge. Rates start at 1,128 MXN per night.

It has luggage storage, tour desk, and free wifi throughout the facilities. The breakfast offered is continental and has a shared kitchen.

It is worth mentioning that the archaeological zone is 11 kilometers from the hotel, while Cesiak is approximately 3 kilometers away. Cozumel International Airport is the closest airport and is 69 kilometers from Selina Tulum.

Selina Tulum - the best hotel tulum


We still have many more hotels to name that over time, we will add here, but in the meantime: Don’t forget that we can offer you the best private transfer service to Tulum, what are you waiting for?

How to get to coba from Tulum

If you are on vacation in Tulum, it is almost mandatory to visit Coba. So if you want to know how to get to Coba and some things you can do and find here then stay with us, because now we will tell you.

How to get to coba from Tulum


We know that the Yucatan peninsula was in the past a region where several Mayan civilizations settled and this can be seen with the great diversity of pyramids and archaeological sites it has.

Well, Coba is one of these archaeological sites of the pre-Columbian Mayan culture and although it is not as popular as Chichen Itza or the archaeological zone of Tulum, it has gained tourist strength today.

This is due to the fact that it is a “lost” archaeological zone, among the immense Mayan jungle and among which we can find a great amount of activities to do, history, culture and Mayan ruins.

In addition, and unlike other archaeological sites, here you can climb to the top of the castle and admire the grandeur of the jungle.

How to get to coba from Tulum

How to get to Coba from Tulum

As such there is no private transfer service from Tulum to Coba, but there is a transfer service to Coba from Cancun. But in this case, since you are already in the city of Tulum, you are only interested in knowing how to get to this beautiful archaeological site of the Riviera Maya.

Well, to get to Coba from Tulum you have the service of cabs, buses, buses and tours.

transfer service to Coba from Cancun


If you are in a hurry to get to Coba and you are traveling with only 2 other people, the cab service can be a very good choice. It has a cost of 340.00 MXN to 410.00 MXN and takes approximately 40 minutes to arrive.


There are buses that leave from the municipal palace of Tulum to Coba and cost approximately 100.00 MXN per person. It should be noted that these buses have specific departure and return times, you have to be very aware of them because they do not make a formal stop in Coba.


Another very good option that you can take to go to Coba from Tulum, is the ADO bus transfer service. It has daily departures from downtown Tulum to the entrance of the archaeological site of Coba and the schedules and prices can be consulted directly on the official ADO website.


If you want to save yourself a lot of hassle and at the same time get to know other places, then you can purchase a tour to Coba. Generally this type of tour does not only come with a visit to Coba, it also includes a visit to the Tulum area, beaches, some cenotes and of course transportation.

What to do in Coba

Like any archaeological site Coba is made up of several sites and ruins, which you have to know and of course, in another post we will talk about it in depth, however the list of these areas are:

  • Temple of Nohoch Mul.
  • The church (Coba group).
  • Las Pinturas complex.
  • The Observatory
  • Ball game courts
  • Sacbes and unexcavated temples.
  • Mayan communities.

It is worth mentioning that another of the things you can do and see here is the spring equinox and of course, although it cannot be compared to the experience of the equinox at Chichen Itza, it is absolutely an experience you have to live.


If you are in Tulum, you will certainly have no problem getting to Coba and believe me, it is one of the activities you have to do and see. Want to know more about the Riviera Maya? Read our post about: How to get to Chiquila.

A trip to the Riviera Maya that you can’t miss

When visiting Quintana Roo, one of the most desired tourist activities is to have your transportation ready in the Riviera Maya for an incredible tour of the entire Mayan Riviera that you cannot miss.

You will discover that all along the way, there are a great number of points where you can stop and enjoy natural corners that overflow us, archeological wonders that are the heritage of an ancient civilization and that explain why here is one of the most demanded tropical beach destinations on the planet.

A trip to the Riviera Maya that you can’t miss

Below we describe the beautiful places you will find during your tour in case you decide to stop and enjoy all that the Riviera Maya has prepared for you

Chichen Itza

It is the most famous Mayan city in the world, declared in 1988 by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It has amazing constructions that are an example of its advanced architectural development. A magical, mystical and spectacular place that is worth visiting. Without a doubt, it is the most famous tour for visitors.

Chichen Itza riviera maya


I warn you that you could fall in love with this place and never want to go home again. Tulum is an amazing archaeological site located in front of the majestic Caribbean Sea. Due to its position it was in its time a commercial maritime emporium as well as an astronomy school where Aztec, Zapotec and other reigning noblemen attended this place.

tulum riviera maya

Rio Secreto

A beautiful place where you will find harmony with nature, where sustainable tourism is promoted and the ecosystem is protected. Here you can venture into the darkness of its caves where you can see stalactites and stalagmites thousands of years old and even in the caves you can see marine fossils. And as if that weren’t enough, you can’t resist diving into its extremely transparent waters.

Rio Secreto riviera maya

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Archaeological Zones in Cancun

Cancun is a privileged territory, thanks to the fact that it has places to visit such as its paradisiacal beaches with their fine white sand that fascinates us all, the Caribbean charm, its nightlife and of course the Archaeological Zones in Cancun, offers us the opportunity to meet one of the most important civilizations, as well as ancient ones in history.

Archaeological Zones in Cancun

If you are wondering how many archeological zones there are in Cancun, the answer is 4, but near the city we have many more that amount to more than 20 archeological sites that comprise the Riviera Maya.

However, in this post we will only tell you about the 6 most known and visited archeological sites in and near the city.

Archaeological Zones in Cancun

These archeological zones are at the top of the list of things to do in Cancun and therefore you can’t miss the opportunity to visit at least 2 or 3 of these places that we will list below.

Tulum Archaeological Zone

The magisterial town of Tulum is one of the archaeological cultural sites that limits about 130 kilometers from Cancun, these Mayan ruins are located on the shores of the sea.

The Archaeological Zone of Tulum, offers us to visualize in all its splendor the Mexican Caribbean. In addition, you can enjoy views of buildings typical of the region, you can see the Mayan pyramids and you can also swim in the beach.

The construction of the El Castillo building was a reference since it served as a lighthouse that indicated to navigators when they looked at the mainland, if they didn’t do it in time they would run with the bad luck of getting shipwrecked and crashing into the region’s reefs.

This archaeological site is characterized by its great importance as a commercial port in its golden days. Its main buildings are: Temple of the Frescoes, the Great Platform and of course The Castle in which you can enjoy an incredible view, as well as you can’t miss the sea from the cliff.

Take note and don’t forget to prepare your bathing kit so you don’t get caught off guard, the beaches are located less than a kilometer away.

Tulum Archaeological Zone


The city of Cobá shone in the Classic period according to history, it maintained a very close contact with the Mayan cities located to the South, like Calamar in Campeche and Tikal in Guatemala. The highest pyramid of the Yucatan Peninsula is located here, with 42 meters of height and of the Estela Uno; Nohoch Mul, famous for believing to indicate the date of the end of the world on 12/12/2012 when in fact it was the end of an era.

You can’t miss visiting La Iglesia and climbing the pyramid Nohoch Mul since it is one of the few archaeological zones where you can still climb to appreciate the jungle from the heights, but always try to ascend very carefully since it is somewhat risky, you can also ride a bicycle, among other tours.


King’s Ruins Archaeological Zone

One of the largest archeological zones in Cancun, it dates back to the year 300 and according to what we have as a reference, it was occupied until the year 1550. Its flourishing period is from the Middle Preclassic to the Late Postclassic between 1200 and 1550 A.D.

One of its main characteristics is the careful bowl of a roadway that runs from north to south, where on its sides they built platforms with residential rooms that differ in some details that make each building very particular. There are 47 structures in an administrative area and another religious area, there are also two main squares limited by two streets.

According to the fact that the platforms of the North Road are aligned with the pyramidal base of the archaeological zone called San Miguelito, it is believed that the two sites are part of a single settlement that extends up to three kilometers. This Zone is related to the astronomical practices of ancient civilizations.

It is located in the Hotel Zone of Cancun at km 18 of Kukulkan Boulevard and is open to the public from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

King's Ruins Archaeological Zone

San Miguelito Archaeological Zone

The San Miguelito Archaeological Zone is also among the places to visit within Cancun. San Miguelito was occupied during the Late Postclassic period from 1200 to 1550 A.D.

It is located in the Hotel Zone of Cancun at kilometer 16.5 of Kukulcan Boulevard from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. To reach the site, you must follow a walking trail that starts at the lower corridor of the

Mayan Museum of Cancun and that passes through a wonderful vegetation of the region. It is constituted by four groups that include structures that could have contained palm and wood houses.

San Miguelito Archaeological Zone

Chichen Itza

Famous for belonging to the New Wonders of the World, the Pyramids of Chichen Itza are located in the Yucatan, 197 kilometers from Cancun. Influenced by having a particular Toltec culture, they have something tangible in the figures of Chaac Mool and the Temple of a Thousand Columns found in this architectural zone as in Tula in the State of Hidalgo.

They played an extremely important role in the years of the end of the Classic and beginning of the Post Classic, and even though it wasn’t habilitated when the Spaniards arrived, it functioned as a center of reverence.

When you are visiting these pyramids, wait to see the descent of Kukulkan or equinox that can be seen at the beginning of spring and autumn. You should also not miss the opportunity to witness the sound and light show, Kukulkan Nights.

The main buildings are: The Kukulkan Castle, Ball Game, the Snail Observatory and the Temple of a Thousand Columns.

Chichen Itza

El Meco Archaeological Zone

This place played a very important role in the Mayan navigation route. Its prosperous era was between the Early Classic and Late Post Classic between 1200 and 1500 A.D.

Here, you can appreciate 14 buildings, including El Castillo, a pyramid with five levels and 12.5 meters in height, and the main plaza with an adornment in its central part where different political and ceremonial functions are carried out.

The Archaeological Zones in Cancun of El Meco are located 5 kilometers to the north near Puerto Juarez and are open from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. There is another structure that is one of the temples enclosing the plaza to the north that has a distinctive appearance because a fig tree has grown inside.

El Meco Archaeological Zone

These are the 6 most known and visited archaeological zones in the city in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, but the truth is that there are more than 20 archaeological sites and we will soon add them here.