Cancun Mexican Restaurants – Best restaurants in Cancun

Posted on May 18, 2023 by Eduardo

If you want to know the best Cancun Mexican restaurants keep reading and take a look at the selection of restaurants in Cancun that we have made for you in this article, because we know that your money will be well spent when it comes to food and travel, if you consider our

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Cancun Mexican Restaurants – Best restaurants in Cancun

Because this is a touristic city, the restaurants in Cancun are first-rate and of the most varied genres, from Mexican cuisine, to Italian, Japanese food and, of course, many dishes made with seafood obviously. For the prices we can tell you, in general, they are fair and the dishes are also priced in dollars. We can surely tell you that you are going to go crazy with any restaurant on this list.

This list of 4 restaurants has the tips you need so you can know the type of restaurant, food, drinks, hours of attention, location and contact numbers and ultimately make up your mind on where to eat in Cancun.

They are unmissable tips that will make you save a lot on your entire trip with important information that allow you to compare each restaurant, that will make you find the best options when you make your planning and save a lot of time on your trip to Cancun, and also you will be able to save a good sum of money. So, are you curious already?

Restaurante La Habichuela Sunset

For those who like to eat a lot, we now bring you this option that is considered to be the most traditional restaurant in Cancun, La Habichuela Sunset. The atmosphere is already super nice, facing the sea, the restaurant’s specialty are the fruits of the sea, such as tuna with pink pepper, lobsters, shrimp with curry sauce, among other delicious dishes, all prepared with fresh ingredients and the best quality!

Main Foods

• For the meats you will find: medallions a la Rossini, heart of beef fillets in Morel Sauce, heart of grilled beef fillet
• For fish and seafood: stuffed squid, mixed sea, grouper supreme, giant shrimp in sauce of tamarind, grilled with garlic and butter, lightly fried with coconut, and pasta (fettuccini with zucchini, Genovese ravioli).
• The Mexican specialties are Caper tongue, Mexican Puntas, chicken in mole sauce, chicken enchiladas, shrimp in Veracruz sauce, guacamole, shrimp skewers, beef and vegetarian steaks.
• At La Habichuela Cancun you will find the famous “Cocobichuela”, a delicious dish served in a coconut that includes pieces of shrimp and lobster in curry sauce, accompanied by rice and tropical fruits.


In this delicate restaurant they serve the following desserts:
Red wine jelly, vanilla ice cream, vanilla caramel custard, rum cake, flamed coffee (Irish, Spanish, sexy, and Mayan) flamed desserts (maison bananas, suzette crepes, jubilee strawberries) and lemon pie chiffon. Its facilities are optimal for celebrating birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries and similar events.

Geographical location and Phone Numbers

It is located in the heart of the city, specifically on Calle Margaritas # 25, 22, 27500, Cancún, Quintana Roo.

• Telephone number: +52 (998) 884 31 58. Also contact them on their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Hours of Attention

Monday – Sunday from 12:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Restaurante La Parrilla

It is also considered one of the most traditional restaurants in Cancun, La Parrilla is located in the center of the city and offers a mega complete menu with very affordable prices for you to enjoy! Most people who go to this restaurant strongly recommend seafood and traditional Mexican nachos with guacamole. This is a spacious restaurant with a folkloric atmosphere with mariachis and dishes with Mexican flavor.

Main Foods

The dishes this place offers are:
Nachos, Supernachos, Mixed Salad, Aztec Soup, Caesar Salad, Guacamole, Stuffed Jalapeño, Fish Fillet, Poblano Peppers, Chicken Enchiladas, Grilled Aztec Steak, Mexican Shepherd’s Taco, Grilled Octopus, Grilled Shrimp, Beef Grilled, Aztec guarache, flank steak molcajete, beef steak a la Tampiqueña, among other dishes.

They also have a variety of tacos such as vegetarian, arraqueso, sea and land. They offer shrimp burritos, mariachi, Al Pastor burritos, chicken burritos and order rib of beef.

The house specialties are vegetarian fajitas, fajitas combo, grilled filet mignon, meat and chicken breast fajitas.

Quick Tip

The mariachi presentation is from 7:30 pm to 1:00 am. It has WI-FI service, home grills for special events (from 30 people), valet parking and a special events room.

Geographical location and Phone Numbers

Av. Yaxchilán 51 Mz 23 Lt 51 Sm 22, Centro. CP: 77500 Cancún, Quintana Roo.

• Telephone number: +52 (998) 287 8118 or book by at, through your portal or account on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Hours of Attention

Monday to Saturday from 12:00 noon to 2:00 in the morning; Sundays, from 12:00 noon to 1:00 a.m.

Restaurante italiano Casa Rolandi

The Casa Rolandi is very well located in the heart of the hotel zone of Cancun, and is one of the best options for those who have the will to eat a beautiful plate of Italian food! The pasta is very well priced, not to mention the fact that everything there is simply delicious. This restaurant has a wonderful view for the sunset and the sea.

Main Foods

• For cold appetizers you can get: Fish carpaccio (Thin slices of fresh fish of the day with extra virgin olive oil and lime juice), Meat Carpaccio (Thin slices of Angus beef tenderloin and parmesan cheese with a touch of white truffle oil), Salmon tartare with avocado, tree diferent croutons and mixed salad, Octopus sashimi with fresh green tomatoes, coriander, habanero and onions, red achoiote oil
• Salads: You can get it from their salad bar, fresh and cooked vegetables or you can order their Burrata with sun-dried tomato, olive tomatoes, rugola leaves, parma ham prosciutto, figs and basil.
• Hot Appetizers: They have Lettuce taco with sautéed duck breast marinated with moritachili and hibiscus reduction with chipotle chili. Also Sautéed porcini mushrooms, served on top ofsoft polenta.
• Soups: You can choose the Soup of the day or their special recipe, minestrone soup with pasta.
And of course they also offer a really nice Italian imported Pasta menu.

Geographical location and Phone Numbers

Av. Kukulcán Km. 13.5, Marina Blue Ray, Hotel Zone, Cancun, México

• Telephone Numbers: 01 998 883 2557, book at, or through their portal or account on Facebook (MarBellaCancun) and Instagram (@marbellafishmarket).

Hours of Attention

Monday to Sunday from 13:00 to 00:00 in the morning

Restaurante The Surfin Burrito

This is a very simple restaurant with little fast food, but that does not stop making it one of the best options in Cancun.

The restaurant offers a very varied menu of Mexican dishes at an optimal price. You can also assemble your burrito with the ingredients that you like the most.Also you will be glad to know that The Surfin Burrito runs 24 hours, so you can leave the disco and go straight there to kill your hunger!

This tiny, open-air restaurant is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they are always serving delicious, economical food. Any time, day or night, you can order made-to-order burritos and tacos, nachos, taco salads, quesadillas, ceviche and appetizers. After 11:30 am, they fire up the grill and start serving barbecue beef ribs, hamburgers, barbecue garlic chicken, jerk chicken, and grilled chicken wings.

There is also a full bar so you can get a beer or cocktail at any hour. For breakfast, there are no traditional American breakfast favorites offered, but they do serve breakfast burritos and tacos, which have spicy Mexican sausage and beans inside them. It’s a tasty option for breakfasts so don’t knock it until you try it.

Main Foods

Among the dishes that the chef Christoper Hogan Valliere’s team, prepares, we can mention:
• Grilled salmon, chicken and octopus, tart tuna, coconut breaded shrimp, BBQ pulled pork, scallops, grilled portobello, artichoke dip, Alaska cod, Canadian picaña, pork belly, among many others.
• If on a Sunday you want an aperitif between breakfast and lunch, you can opt for brunch and all the menu they offer: Tuna tostada, pork belly taco, chicken and octopus toast, bean salad, eggs Benedict, crispy chicken with waffles, choripán and grilled avocado.


You can accompany your meal with a variety of natural juices, teas, coffees, tequilas, rums, vodkas, gins, mezcals, wines and beers.

Quick Tip

The restaurant is equipped with wheelchair access, a bar, a bar with seating, gluten-free menus, an outdoor smoking area and a public room.

Geographical location and Phone Numbers

Av. Sayil, Lote 2, Supermanzana 6, Manzana 5 Int. 203 Plaza Azuna, 77500, Cancún, Quintana Roo.

• Telephone Numbers: Book by +52 (998) 688 6743, through its official website or Facebook account. Visit their fanpage to know the opinion of their customers.

Hours of Attention

Tuesday to Saturday from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Sundays from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Now that you know which are the 4 best restaurants in Cancun and what is the menu offered by each one, which one will you go to first?