Best 4-star hotels in Cancun

Posted on April 30, 2023 by Transfers
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In our previous post, we told you about the most recommended hotels for children in the city and of course, we also told you about the hotels for adults. Do you know what we are going to talk about today? About the 4-star hotels you have to consider in your list of possible places to stay in Cancun.

4-stars hotels in Cancun

If you are looking for a place to stay in the hotel zone that is not too expensive, then you have to look at the 4-star hotel options. This type of accommodations usually has an acceptable price or in a few words, not so expensive to be a 5-star hotel and not so cheap to not have several luxuries, activities and oceanfront.

So, if you want to know which ones we recommend, then let’s start with it. But (Yes, there is always a but) Don’t forget that we are a private transportation agency to Cancun’s hotel zone and we can take you to the door of the hotel of your choice. So, now we begin.

In our previous post we told you about the Oasis Palm hotel. A hotel for kids in Cancun. But did you know that it has a 4-star rating? This wonderful hotel with more than 30 activities and 6 restaurants, offers luxury and all-inclusive stays.

So, if you are thinking about a 4-star hotel where you can go with your partner, with your family and with your children, think about the Oasis Palm hotel.

Oleo Cancun Playa Boutique

Looking for a pet friendly accommodation? The Oleo Cancun Playa Boutique hotel should be among your first choices. This 4-star resort is located in front of the Caribbean beaches, to be exact at km 19.5 of the hotel zone.

It is particularly far from the heart of the hotel zone, but it makes up for it by having private beaches, rooms with ocean and lagoon views and also allows you to stay with your dogs or cats.

The hotel currently has 168 rooms, 4 restaurants with Japanese, Asian, Mexican, International, Mediterranean and American cuisine. So do not hesitate and think of Oleo Cancun to enjoy your family vacation and really with the whole family included.

Emporium Cancun

Just steps away from the white sand beaches and turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean, Emporio Cancun offers guests an array of amenities for an unforgettable stay.

From private terraces overlooking the ocean to free Wi-Fi throughout the property, this beachfront resort makes sure guests have everything they need to relax and enjoy their vacation.

Rooms and suites are cheerfully decorated and include all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay, such as air conditioning and cable TV. For guests who want to cook in their own suite, each accommodation also includes a kitchen.

On the other hand, the rooms are family rooms that can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. And if you want to enjoy the local cuisine, the 4-star hotel has 3 restaurants.

Wyndham Alltra Cancun All Inclusive Resort

Want to stay in the heart of the hotel zone? Then you should consider staying at the Wyndham Alltra Cancun All Inclusive Resort. As you can tell by its name, this is an all-inclusive hotel, but with a 4-star rating.

It is completely family friendly, full of luxuries, amenities and being an all-inclusive, you and your whole family can enjoy dining at its 8 restaurants. But also, being in the heart of the hotel zone, the beaches, restaurants, bars and entertainment day and night, will be just a few meters from you.

Hotel NYX Cancun

The NYX Cancun Hotel is another 4-star resort located next to the previous one. This resort as such does not offer all-inclusive stays, but it does offer economical ones.

This hotel offers all the services and amenities you could want, from air conditioning to private bathrooms with hairdryer. In addition, the hotel’s restaurants serve delicious international cuisine. And if you want to explore the area, the nearby beaches are perfect for water sports or snorkeling on some beautiful coral reefs.


Did you like this list? As you can see, there are 4-star all-inclusive hotels, as well as luxurious places to spend your vacation near all the fun in Cancun and don’t forget that soon we will give you more recommendations for travel, lodging and activities in the city. So, we’ll save them in our favorites.