Crystalline Cenote

Posted on May 3, 2023 by Transfers
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Cenote Cristalino in Playa del Carmen is a magnificent place to go on vacation; known for the abundant vegetation in its surroundings, crystal clear water, tree roots and large rocks.

Crystalline Cenote

It is a totally natural environment; therefore, the use of sunscreen and any other chemical that may affect the flora and fauna of the cenote is prohibited. An important fact about Playa del Carmen’s Cenote Cristalino is that it is by far the most visited cenote by tourists and locals; thanks to its excellent location.

It has a cave on each of its sides that resembles a large pool. In addition, it has a wall at the entrance that measures approximately 15 feet high; surrounded by tropical plants and trees where you can observe a vast scale of exotic birds and relax with their songs.

This beautiful tourist spot is a perfect blend of a festive and tranquil atmosphere with scenery that would blow anyone’s mind. Unlike other cenotes, it is highly entertaining, which is why many tourists prefer to visit this site.

Things to do in the crystalline cenote

Cenote Cristalino in Playa del Carmen has snorkeling equipment for all visitors; thanks to its crystal clear water, you can see the beautiful marine life while you enjoy a quiet swim.

If you are an adrenaline lover looking for a dose of fun, you can’t miss the jumping platforms; these consist of jumping from a large rock to the deepest part of the cenote. The rocks are up to 3 meters high and the depth of the cenote reaches up to 6 meters.

On the other hand, it offers all kinds of tourist activities where diving stands out; due to its clear waters, place where you can admire the wonders that will lead you directly to a memorable experience.

This natural attraction of Quintana Roo is a very practical family center, with shallow waters, where your children can have fun while you watch them from the calmest part of the cenote.

Services Cenote cristalino

One of the main objectives of this tourist place is to fully meet the needs of tourists, which is why it has beverage services, typical snacks of the region and comfortable hammocks. Ideal to lie down as if you were in a private pool under the shade while drinking a fresh lemonade.

Cenote cristalino Playa del Carmen price

The entrance fee for the Cenote Cristalino in Playa del Carmen varies between 100 MXN and 120 MXN per person. In the case of children from 4 to 8 years old, you will have to pay 80 MXN; for the youngest ones, under 4 years old, the entrance is totally free.

To snorkel in the cenote you must use the proper equipment; in case you don’t have any, the service offers 50 MXN for the complete equipment. In addition, there are free services such as entrance to showers and bathrooms.

Do you want good quality photos? You can hire a service of divers and photographers for only 200 MXN.

Where is Cenote Cristalino?

Cenote Cristalino is located about 20 km from Playa del Carmen, passing through Puerto Aventuras. If you are staying at the Barceló hotel, located on Federal Highway 307, you will only have to cross the street to find this amazing attraction.

You don’t have to worry if you have to stay somewhere after visiting the cenote; it is located in front of a hotel and along the same avenue you will find a great variety of hotels, where you can choose the best and at the most affordable price.

How to get to cenote cristalino?

You can get there by car from Playa del Carmen, on street 2 between avenues 20 and 15. On the other hand, if you are in Tulum, go to the ADO bus terminal; there you will board a van to the entrance of the Barceló hotel, where you will have the possibility to stay and visit the cenote as many times as you want.

If you are already organizing your trip, you should take into account the use of comfortable clothes, snacks and snorkeling mask. The cenote opens its doors every day, between 8 and 18 hours; from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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Take care of the environment of Cenote Cristalino

To take care of the environment of the Cenote and preserve this amazing natural wonder, you must avoid contaminating the water at all costs; avoid using body creams such as repellents or protectors.

It is important not to do anything foolish that could damage the shape of the place, such as hanging from the roots or touching the stalactites, since these are some of the characteristics that keep it as an enviable environment. On the other hand, you must respect the diving area and carefully observe the preventive signs to avoid high-risk accidents.

Each one of these actions will help you to be conscious about your surroundings; provoking a good feeling and creating awareness in other people who visit the Cenote Cristalino in Playa del Carmen.

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