How to get to Cancun Airport by Public Transportation

Posted on May 2, 2023 by Transfers
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Do you want to know how to get to Cancun airport by public transportation? Then stay here and keep reading, because below we will tell you the ways, ways and costs to be able to do it. So let’s get to it.

How to get to Cancun Airport by Public Transportation

We will not deny that sometimes the costs of private transfer service or cab to Cancun airport are usually a little “high” and of course, if you are a visitor in the city these costs are even more expensive.

But the reality is that: The private transfer service sells you comfort, punctuality, safety and respect. And if you are still interested in taking a private service, we leave you a discount that you can not miss.

And now we will explain step by step how to get from Cancun to Cancun airport by public transportation.

Is there public transportation in Cancun?

Yes, the city of Cancun has public transportation and you can take a bus or a colectivo.

Likewise, the city has the service of Uber, Didi Taxi, cabs as well as shared service to go to other places outside the city and private transportation service.

Can Cancun airport be reached by public transportation?

No, it is not. Cancun airport is not located in an “urban area”. Therefore, public transportation services do not have a base / terminal here.

However, other types of services are allowed such as Uber, didi, cabs and private transfer services.

How can I get to Cancun Airport?

The safest, fastest and most comfortable way to get there is through a private transportation service or cab. However, if you are looking to save money; you can use the ADO service or the Express Beach Service.

Private transportation

No matter where you are, the private transfer service is one of the best options to go to the Cancun airport. As such, the vans or even luxury vehicles (depending on the service you choose) will pick you up at your hotel in the hotel zone or downtown Cancun and take you to the Cancun airport.


The cab is a good option to get to Cancun airport if you are traveling with few people and little luggage. It is a Tsuru type vehicle and it is NOT RECOMMENDED TO TAKE IT IN THE HOTEL ZONE.

If you are in the hotel zone and take a cab to the Cancun airport, BE PREPARED TO PAY ALMOST 2,500.00 mxn. This is because the hotel zone is a “more expensive” area and therefore, cab services tend to have very high prices.

If you are in downtown Cancun, it is advisable to take it: The cost from here can be from 400.00 MXN to 800.00 MXN.


The ADO service offers departures from the ADO terminal in downtown Cancun to the Cancun airport and costs approximately 98.00 MXN per person.

This is another option for travel. If you are in the hotel zone, just take a public transportation bus and get to downtown. Once downtown, finding the ADO terminal is very easy.

Just be aware of the bus departure times, which are approximately every hour.

Playa Express airport

Another way to save money on the transfer to the Cancun airport is with the Playa Express service.

Playa Express is a “shared shuttle” service, which means that just like you, many other people use the service to go to other places outside of Cancun, such as Puerto Morelos or Playa del Carmen.

This service as such, does not go all the way to the Cancun airport: But it does go over the main avenue. This means that you can get off on the federal highway Cancun – Chetumal, at the Cancun airport and walk about 20 minutes to reach the airport of the city.

The cost of this type of transfer is 45.00 MXN and is the most economical.

Again we repeat: There is no public transfer service from downtown Cancun or any part of Cancun to the airport. However, you can make use of any of the ones mentioned here (Private and shared) and whichever one you choose, Happy Return to your city!