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Posted on May 15, 2023 by Eduardo
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After spending an incredible day in the paradisiacal beaches of Cancun, it is time to meet and have fun, the nightclubs in Cancun offer one of the busiest nightlife and the most sought-after places to dance in Mexico and all of Latin America; Cancun.

NOTE: Currently many nightclubs no longer sell “open bars” and now you have to pay for consumption and cover.

With tourists from different parts of the world celebrating after midnight, Cancun allows us the opportunity to meet cool and cool people, as well as make new friends in the company of good music and the most exquisite drinks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before we start and get into the post, let’s quickly answer some of the most frequently asked questions from our hundreds of readers, clients and travelers.

Where to party in Cancun?

If you are looking for a place to party and give it all on the dance floor, then you can go to the nightclubs in the hotel zone, Puerto Cancun or downtown Cancun and the most “party” ones are:

  • Coco Bongo Cancún
  • The City Cancún
  • Mándala Beach Club
  • Señor Frogs
  • Dady’O Cancun
  • La vaquita
  • Congo Bar
  • D´Cave
  • Amma Club Cancún
  • H Roof
  • Rakata
  • Chicabal sunset
  • ANTIQUE Puerto Cancún
  • Chantant Puerto Cancun
  • Ginza Night Club
  • Barezzito Puerto Cancún
  • Coco Bongo Beach Club
  • Mandala Beach Club
  • Chicabal sunset
  • The Royal
  • El Cantarito
  • 11:11 CLUB CANCÚN
  • Grand Mambo Café

What is the name of Donde están los antros en Cancún?

The “Heart of the Hotel Zone” is how Cancun’s nightclub area is known. Here you will find not only the best nightclubs, but also beach clubs, bars, restaurants, plazas and handicraft centers.

Nightclubs in Cancun

With tourists from different parts of the world, celebrating after midnight, Cancun allows us the opportunity to meet cool people and good vibes, as well as to make new friends in the company of good music and the most exquisite drinks.

But before starting and knowing which are the best clubs in town, we invite you to read our articles about: Best shopping centers in Cancun, Quintana Roo protected areas and Playa delfines Cancun.

Coco Bongo Cancun

Coco Bongo Cancun is the target joint if you want to go any night of the week to party. Besides, because of its traditional fame you will not be left without having fun and a good time.

It is located in the very center of the city’s Hotel Zone and this Cancun joint stands out among dozens of clubs and bars that make up Mexico’s party scene. It is a little less than one street away from the impressive Caribbean Sea where a colossal joint emerges, indicating to those who travel that they have reached the most spectacular night of their lives.

The Coco Bongo opens its doors at 10:30pm, and at approximately 11:15pm a show of acrobats, tributes to bands and the best DJs begin their performance which ends at 2:30am.

It is recommended that customers who wish to attend this spectacular venue, arrive two hours before midnight, the regular open bar ends at 3:30h and the Premium is until 4:00h.

Many are the celebrities that have let know how the show business of the small screen and the big screen has fun, characters like: Yuliana Peniche who was accompanied by Tony Dalton, Claudia Alvarez, the singer Pambo, Brissia Mayagitia, Christian Carabías and Maria

The City Cancun

This great disco has a large capacity, because it has an area of 2500 square meters and has nine bars that are distributed throughout its three floors.

The City Cancun is the destination if you really want to spend an incredible party. This is one of the Antros in Cancun where the most internationally renowned celebrities perform, you can see artists such as DJ Tiesto, Fergie, Paul Van Dyk and many others.

A magnificent party can concentrate more than 6000 thousand people during the whole night until dawn. With an unbeatable sound and light structure, in this club they know very well how to prepare a great night without equal.

Currently, it is a nightclub with the largest structure in Latin America since its enclosures with three levels of magnificent building make it possible for you to do everything you want in your festivities and celebrations.

The City Cancun is great for meetings with your friends, conventions and concerts. Its unrepeatable style has made it one of the most popular places to party.

It maintains the initial schedule, only serving its customers on Fridays from 10:30 pm to 5:00 am, has VIP service, bottle-corking service, catering, among others.

The style of music presented to the public is House, Hip-Hop, Minimal, Electronic and other dance styles. The site offers shows such as live concerts, events and all kinds of presentations.

Mandala Beach Club

If you prefer to witness the magnificent grandeur of the Caribbean Sea in good company, with good music and enjoying a delicious tropical drink, you can get all this at Mándala Beach Club, it is an outdoor bar, the atmosphere is accompanied by house style music.

Here on Tuesdays from 9pm you can enjoy a party or celebration with access to an incredible pool, there are also competitions for the best bikini of the party.

This versatile club opens its doors every day of the week at 9:00 pm where guest DJs will make your day at the beach a day like no other.

It has a great restaurant where they can prepare for you a series of phenomenal dishes along with your favorite drinks so you can enjoy the show and a wonderful view of the sea.

Señor Frogs

Señor Frogs has saved thousands of people from boredom since 1986. When you enter this nightclub, very famous in the nightlife, you have to have fun and enjoy yourself, relaxed. It works as one of the most popular places to dance and de-stress, you can make new friends in this great atmosphere.

This Cancun joint has a wide range of options to have a great time like balloon hats, live DJ, entertainers, conga lines and other unique activities of the place.

All this makes Señor Frogs a club with lots of entertainment and one of the best Nightclubs in Cancun. This place has special events for the enjoyment of its users; Wednesdays Foam Party which is the wild foam party and Sundays Glow Party which is the fluorescent painting party.

Señor Frogs has 13 branches in Mexico, the United States and the Caribbean, they have a floor where you can dance to house and hip-hop music to have the best atmosphere. They constantly present on their official website discounts on admission and open bar. You can reserve your tickets and enjoy the good nightlife that Cancun has to offer.

Dady’O Cancun

If you are one of those people who likes something more “FIFI” style, Dady’O is the place you are looking for, because it is an exclusive place among all the others in the Cancun hotel zone.

And this joint is next to Sr Frongs and really close to all the other nightlife venues in Cancun.

La Vaquita

La Vaquita is a nightclub in Cancun that has an “open” style, in a few words, everyone who passes by the place can enjoy the party. Of course it is very different to be inside the club than outside, but surely you will love the atmosphere so much that you will be encouraged to enter.

Congo Bar

Congo Bar is another nightclub that has a similar theme to Vaquita, because just like this one, it is an open nightclub where you can appreciate how people enjoy the party atmosphere of the place.

Chicabal sunset

Generally, all of the above discotheques offer an open bar and are all dance clubs. But if you are looking for something more “cool”, where the party is during the sunset, surrounded by yachts, dj’s and the sea. The place you are looking for is Chicabal Sunset Cancun.

This place stands out for having a different concept, where pleasures and luxury combine to give you a real party in the city.

Puerto Cancun Night Clubs

Puerto Cancun is a residential area located at the entrance of the Hotel Zone and is composed of exclusive apartments, one of the largest marinas in the city, a golf course, a plaza and a few nightclubs.

Some of the nightclubs in Puerto Cancun are ideal for Latin music and dance lovers, while others would rival the best nightclubs in the Hotel Zone.

ANTIQUE Puerto Cancun

This Puerto Cancun nightclub has the capacity to receive up to 250 people in a single night and is considered an exclusive place where gala dresses, dazzling gowns and flirtatious drinks will not be missing.

Chantant Puerto Cancun

This nightclub was one of the first to exist in Puerto Cancun and quickly became one of the favorites of the inhabitants of Cancun and like the previous one, elegance is one of its main attractions that make it worthy of your visit.

Ginza falls into the category of gay nightclubs in Cancun and you will mostly find people between 18 and 22 years old, as it is a very popular place among young people in the city.

Barezzito Puerto Cancun

If you are looking for a place to celebrate your birthday, hang out or just a local place to get a taste of downtown Cancun, Barezzito Puerto Cancun is the place for you.

This place has a much calmer concept than the previous ones and has from live music, to electronic music, reggaeton and other genres depending on the day or the current event.

Beach Club

Continuing with our list of the best nightclubs in Cancun, we cannot leave out the beach clubs or beach clubs. Which are part of the active party life of the city and of course, often make very cool events, which allows them to be positioned as famous nightclubs, gay nightclubs (depending on the theme) or even fashion shows and those that can be found in the city of Cancun are:

Coco Bongo Beach Club

With a heated pool, smoke and foam machines, sun beds, umbrellas, dj, live show and very coquettish drinks the new Coco Bongo Beach Club has become in a very short time one of the best places to enjoy a hot weekend afternoon.

Mandala Beach Club

Mandala is known for having one of the best nightclubs in Cancun and competes well with The City and Coco Bongo. Looking beyond the fun nightlife, we have to look a bit at their beach club.

Mandala Beach Club has long been the favorite place for fun for all kinds of travelers and not only for the atmosphere full of music, drinks and parties, but also for being close to one of the most famous beaches in town: Playa Forum.

Chicabal sunset

Parties during the sunset on the lagoon nichupté and surrounded by boats, yachts, jet skis, dj, pools and lots of drinks is how we can describe the atmosphere that is lived in Chicabal sunset.

Like the previous ones; it enters our list of Cancun nightclubs, but with a different atmosphere, where the fun does not wait for the light of the night, the fun starts at sunset.


When it comes to nightlife, the city of Cancun has an incredible offer of places to have a good time, from nice bars, to the most famous and well known discotheques and of course some gay friendly clubs.

And each one of these places fits your budget and sometimes the difference in cost is minimal, but wherever you go don’t forget to have the fun you deserve.