Nizuc Beach Cancun

Posted on May 18, 2023 by Eduardo

The city of Cancun is well known for its large number of paradisiacal beaches and without a doubt each one of them is perfect to spend a day enjoying the sun, the sea, the sand and the weather of the city.

But just as there are some well-known beaches, there are some others that almost nobody knows about, either because they are not very popular or because they are far from the main tourist areas. And this is the case of Nizuc Cancun beach or Nizuc point beach.

Nizuc Beach Cancun

Punta Nizuc Cancun beach, Nizuc beach or Nizuc beach, or viewpoint 2 as the locals call it, is a Pet Friendly beach, located at kilometer 24 of Cancun’s hotel zone and which can be reached by car or walking about 5 km.

Why walking? Well, as such there is no public transportation route that reaches this place. This is what has made it a paradise for people who have their own vehicle and travel with their pets.

This beach has free parking for its visitors and 1 km away we find the water park Ventura Park.

This beautiful beach is characterized by very calm and shallow waters, so you can walk for several meters and the water will reach your knees, in short: The perfect beach for the whole family.

But you must consider that since it is not a very “crowded” beach, there are no stores, restaurants or bars nearby, so you will need to bring all your necessary supplies.

On the other hand and despite being the “official beach area”, very close to it we have a bridge, which also has parking and which has an incredibly beautiful beauty, with its shallow waters of clear blue and colorful fish that you can see while snorkeling.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the beaches that you have to visit on your visit to Cancun and don’t forget that we can take you there through our Open Hours service. Request information right now from our website: