Playa Delfines Cancun

Posted on May 17, 2023 by Eduardo

We know that Cancun is a place surrounded by many beaches and there are some that stand out more than others. Playa Delfines is one of them and in this post we will tell you a little bit about this touristic place in the city.

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This beach is approximately 4 kilometers long and is the best option for those who want to enjoy a tropical climate, full of free parasols with recreational spaces for children or for those who want to keep in shape.

Playa Delfines is also known by other names: Cancun’s lookout point, Cancun’s window to the sea and Cancun’s Photo Parador.

One of the things you should know before visiting this beautiful beach is that near it there are no stores, restaurants or squares to stock up on food, so before visiting you should leave prepared with some food, or you can buy something to eat through their street vendors, who sell and stuffed shrimp, kibis and meatballs.

And although there are many things that call the attention of this beach the main one is the colorful letters of the city and from which you can take the best picture to immortalize your visit to Cancun.

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There are lifeguards present on the site, which is a plus that the beach has for the protection of the whole family. The swell is usually moderate, but there are some months in the year when the tide rises a little, so children should be kept away from the shore.

If you have a small budget this beach is your best option, because all its space is free. In addition, it has a WiFi zone to keep you connected and is open 24 hours a day.

Playa Delfines

This beautiful beach is very clean, perfect for vacationing with your family or friends, has parking lots, public toilets, hotels nearby, as mentioned above, showers, palapas and ramps for the comfort of all visitors.

Playa delfines is your best option to enjoy the sun, sand and dolphins, because as its name indicates, it is a beach where early in the morning you can see some dolphins swimming towards the Caribbean Sea. In case you don’t see any of them, there are tours that offer you the possibility of entering the sea to enjoy them closer to you.

In addition, this is one of the city’s beaches where sea turtles nest and it is a great spectacle that can be observed at night and at sunrise in the city.

How much does it cost to go to Playa Delfines?

First of all: Playa Delfines is a public beach and access to it is totally free, as well as the use of the bathrooms, showers and even the small palapas of the place.

Then, the expenses are made in the transportation service, which can be public or private, as well as in the tours or activities you decide to take on the beach, such as driving a jet ski and of course, in your food and drinks that you can bring or buy in the nearby stores or from the street vendors.

However, the minimum you can spend when visiting this beach does not exceed 10 USD.

Where is Dolphin Beach?

Dolphin Beach is located at km 18 of Cancun’s hotel zone and until a few years ago, it was known as “The end of the Hotel Zone”, because a little further ahead there were no hotels beyond this beach as there are today.

Why is it called Playa Delfines?

The name of Playa Delfines was a strategic name and its purpose is to identify this beach and really, every beach in the city has a name referring to the animals of the sea, such as Whale Beach, Marlin Beach, Snail Beach or Turtle Beach.

But it is simply a name that was given at the time of building, modernizing and creating the city.

On the other hand, it should be noted that despite having such names, it is not necessarily because there are such mammals in the place. This means that in Playa Delfines you cannot see dolphins and they do not even live near the place.

How to get to playa delfines

Getting to playa delfines is very easy, you can do it from a bus, from your car or from a private transport. If you are looking for speed, comfort, safety and excellent costs, your best option is the private transfer services, where they have years of experience, speak your language, have the capacity for large groups and you do not have to share a seat with strangers if you wish.
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Arriving using an R1 and R2 bus

To get there using this method you must go to Avenida López Portillo or Avenida Tulum. There are stops on these avenues to get on the R1 bus. Be sure to ask the driver if that bus goes to the hotel zone route.

The trip from this point can take approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Playa delfines is located south of the hotel zone. To guide you, you will be very close when you see the Mayan museum or the Iberostar hotel.

Of course this is only valid if you are staying in the city center, because if you are staying in the hotel zone it is easier to get there, you just have to see in which direction you can take the truck that passes almost at the door of your hotel.

Getting to playa delfines by driving your car

The easiest way to get there is through downtown Cancun. For this you should go to Bonampak Avenue, once you are in the traffic circle you should go out to Kukulcan Boulevard, once you see the Mayan Museum you can slow down, because you will find very close to Playa Dolphins.

There is a parking lot on the right side of this beach, but since it is a small parking lot if you don’t arrive early, it is very probable that you won’t be able to find a parking space for your vehicle, so make sure you arrive on time.

What you can do in Playa delfines

If you are wondering what you can see and do at Playa Dolphins, you will be able to observe everything. This beach is visited by thousands of tourists every year, so you will meet people from different cultures, swimmers, because it is one of the best beaches in Cancun for swimming competitions, people practicing “Parasailing” (rising through the air with the help of a speedboat) among other very interesting activities for people of all ages.

Another thing you will be able to appreciate and enjoy when visiting this beautiful destination is its incomparable sunrises and sunsets, and its panoramic view to appreciate the Caribbean Sea. If you are a passionate photographer you can take advantage of this option to take many photos at the viewpoint and keep that memory of your visit to this paradise destination.

The reason why it is one of the best beaches of Cancun Playa Delfines is because, first of all, it is a beautiful, clean and protected destination, which makes it ideal for the enjoyment of children, young and old.

Second, it is a very relaxing environment for the enjoyment of tourists, has an area of almost 4 kilometers so it is more than spacious and perfect for tours. This beach is free and they offer visitors umbrellas and hammocks for free use, so if you want you can go alone with the necessary and save significantly.

A very interesting activity that takes place in this beach is the practice of surfing, since depending on the time of year you visit it you could enjoy good waves to have fun, free yourself from stress and strengthen your muscles.

For this activity you can bring your board or you could rent one in some of the specialized sites near the beach. In case you have young children, there are playgrounds with slides and swings where they can distract themselves before swimming at the beach.

Without a doubt Playa Delfines is a place that you need to know in your visit to Cancun. Are you ready for that adventure?

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