What to do in Cancun in 4 days

Posted on May 31, 2023 by Eduardo

Cancun has a great amount of activities and distractions for the enjoyment of its visitors, if you are thinking about what to do in Cancun in four days let me tell you that it is just a minimum time to take advantage of the best attractions and take a walk on the fine white sand of its splendid beaches of the Caribbean Sea.

What to do in Cancun in 4 days

Day One

Going to the beach. A curious fact is that the hotel zone in Cancun, counts for a coast that makes a formation of # 7. At the top of that 7 the beaches are less agitated the waves of the sea and you do not perceive them easily and at the bottom has a stronger swell, so I suggest you know how to choose the hotel depending on your marine tastes.

However, you can enjoy the beach in front of the hotel, however, there are other beaches in the area that are worth a visit like Playa Delfines famously known as El Mirador.

You will also find a beautiful view and the famous Cancun Poster. The sea here has a strong swell and the beach has a long strip of sand.

Then without wasting time, if you are a lover of history and ancient civilizations you can’t miss the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza. It is one of the members of The Seven Wonders of the Modern World, is a tour that you can do from 3 to 4 hours approximately to explore the whole place.

After a great day at the beach and visiting the ruins, you may find it interesting to go on a trip to Coco Bongo, an excellent option since it is a famous club that was used for an iconic scene in the movie The Mask.

Day Two

Going to the Cenotes, are the most impressive attractions in Cancun, are beautiful and large natural pools with transparent waters and vital to the Mayans, you can take advantage to know the main Cenote, is called Ik-Kil is 8 minutes by car from the ruins.

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Continuing with the second day of the four that you will stay, the next suggestion is that you spend the afternoon in the most recognized archaeological park in the world, Xcaret Park.

This place has many activities for tourists, one suggestion is to marvel at the view of the panoramic tower that is rotating in this area. Another option is to dive in the local subway rivers and have a greater contact with the flora and fauna present in this beautiful place. These experiences are unique so do not miss this opportunity to go and have fun.

And to finish this second day of the four in which you will be looking for something to do in Cancun in four days, don’t forget to enjoy an exquisite night walk through the streets and downtown. Take the opportunity to arrive at one of the great restaurants of Cancun and taste a delicious local cuisine, accompanied by a delicious drink or tequila.

Third Day

I continue with the good tips for a good four day itinerary in Cancun, you can’t stop enjoying your third day in Cancun by going to the famous Wax Museum, known as Cancun Max Museum.

This museum is similar to the one in Los Angeles, it is a space where you can find more than 100 wax characters in 23 different scenarios ranging from the world of music, movies, sports, television, children, politics and terror.

Another museum option you have is the Museo Maya, located on Boulevard Kulkucan, one of the main avenues of the city. Here there is a complex that has a beautiful architectural design with a collection of three thousand five hundred people and more than four hundred exhibition pieces.

Then you can take the opportunity to visit the archaeological site of San Miguelito, which is right next to the Mayan Museum in Cancun. San Miguelito in its golden age was inhabited by those of 800 years before the arrival of the Spaniards, it has approximately 40 pre-Columbian constructions, therefore, it is a mandatory stop for any tourist who is taking a tour of this region.

If you want to know more about the archeological zones of Cancun, click here.

And to close the night, go to dinner at the magnificent and very requested Señor Frog, which is one of the most famous restaurants for its typical Mexican food in the city, besides delicious dishes they prepare cocktails with huge and gigantic glasses and containers, the staff makes the night a great Caribbean party, it is incredible you can not miss it.

Day Four

And to finish your itinerary of what to do in Cancun in 4 days, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Isla Mujeres, besides being a beautiful and sublime paradise, it hosts a magnificent museum, the Underwater Art Museum (MUSA), an impressive museum located in the depths of the Caribbean Sea.

The best thing about this tourist attraction is that it has a great reserve of subway sculptures that have already become the home of several marine animals. It is incredible and very interesting for children and adults.

In the afternoon you can enjoy a nice walk through several shopping malls in Cancun, the most popular ones are Shopping Quinta Alegría, Plaza Fórum by The Sea, Shopping La Isla and Shopping Kukulcán Plaza.

And to close your trip, you can not miss a visit to one of the largest and most incredible clubs you can know Cancun, you have to go to The City Cancun, has more than two thousand five hundred meters long and is the destination of many figures in the art world as Fergie and DJ Tiesto, just to name these two stars, this site can concentrate the six thousand people, his original style has made it one of the main clubs to take into account when having fun on a night out. You can not miss it.

Finally, I advise you to make the most of your 4-day itinerary, as you have a lot to do. Get up early, have a good breakfast, wear very comfortable clothes and shoes, start there.

Then establish punctually each place you want to visit along these 4 days in Cancun. When you plan, with more or less approximate schedules, the possibilities of taking advantage of what to do in Cancun in four days increase and you can explore the area even more with more advantage at the moment.