What to visit in Quintana Roo

Posted on May 31, 2023 by Eduardo

Did you know that a little beyond Cancun and the Riviera Maya the state of Quintana Roo has unparalleled natural beauty? The Riviera Maya only covers part of the state of Quintana Roo, but the reality is that this state has many attractions, some well-known and others not so much, so to make your vacation become the best, today we will tell you what to visit in Quintana Roo and not die trying.

What to visit in Quintana Roo

The state of Quintana Roo has many attractions in Mexico and is made up of 11 municipalities and each one of them has its own adventure to offer you. So now let’s get to know some of them, but first things first:

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Bahia Boulevard

Chetumal is the border state between Mexico and Belize and is a place you have to visit during your visit to Quintana Roo. Although it has many things that can impress you, if you love fountains, lights and sunsets, you will love the Boulevard Bahia, located in the center of the city.

Payo Obispo Zoo

There is no zoo in Cancun, but there is in Chetumal and it is called Payo Obispo Zoo. A small interactive zoo that shelters more than 50 species of butterflies, reptiles, mammals and birds of the region.

Laguna de los 7 Colores

The lagoon of the 7 colors is part of Bacalar, a small fishing village that enchants for its tranquility and its skies full of clouds. Of course, the place has many things to do, see, visit, get to know and even eat.

However, one of the most famous places is the 7-color lagoon. A lagoon, which has nearby cabins and both day, night and evening, gives you a real spectacle between its crystal clear waters and is one of the places to visit in Quintana Roo, so add it to your list.

Canal de los piratas

The story goes that this attraction of Quintana Roo was used by pirates to enter and leave the port illegally. Today it is one of the most beautiful and well-kept areas of Bacalar and from which you will enjoy not only its impressive shape, but also its crystalline waters.


If you are looking for tranquility, nature and enjoy the beaches, Akumal is the place to go, because it is an area that is characterized as a sanctuary for sea turtles, manatees and of course wildlife such as monkeys.

Xel Ha

Xel Ha is located at the entrance of Tulum and is the largest natural water park in Mexico, where the reefs, fish, rivers, nature and of course the food in its restaurants, will make a simple day become a more than perfect day, an unforgettable day.

Tulum Archaeological Zone

The state of Quintana Roo has several archaeological sites and zones, however the most impressive is the Mayan settlement of Tulum. This is the only site built in front of the sea. So you will not only be amazed by its ruins, you will also be amazed by the view of the sea.

El Cielo

Cozumel is an island located about 18 km from Playa del Carme and to get there, you must first take a sea transfer. And although the island by itself is already one of the attractions of Quintana Roo, the place has a real treasure and is known as “El cielo” (heaven).

El Cielo is a very beautiful beach, with transparent waters and full of starfish. Precisely, that is why this place is known as “El Cielo”, because of its sea stars.

Ruta de los cenotes

Puerto Morelos is not far behind and impresses us with its route of the cenotes. The route of the cenotes is a territorial extension that houses more than 20 cenotes, from semi-open, open and even some very hidden among the Mayan underworld.

The wheel

The city of Cancun cannot be left out of the list of attractions in Quintana Roo. We know that the city itself already has the seal of guarantee and fun, but one of its attractions that has begun to captivate and attract a lot of attention is the big wheel.

Practically, this wheel wants to compete with the one in London and of course it is succeeding, because in a short time since its creation it has become an obligatory point to visit and from where you can enjoy a complete view of the city.

Playa Norte

Our last attraction to visit in Quintana Roo and awarded as one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world is Playa Norte of Isla Mujeres. Playa Norte is the most beautiful beach on the island and has the appearance of a “natural pool”, where its fish, reefs, shallow depth and beauty will make you stay longer than you had planned here


This is a small summary of some of the things to visit in Quintana Roo and believe me, it has many, many more and it will only be a matter of you diving into the adventure and exploring Quintana Roo.