Xenses Cancun

Posted on May 31, 2023 by Eduardo

Xenses Cancun, one of the best attractions that the Xcaret group has for you, invites you to spend an unparalleled adventure, a unique adventure, a magical adventure and you can’t miss it.

But what is Xenses Cancun, where is it located, how to get to the park, how much does it cost to access Xenses? Well, keep reading because here we are going to answer everything, absolutely everything.


Xenses is one of the newest theme and natural parks in the Riviera Maya and a totally different one, since the entrance is almost at noon and the whole tour of its 50 different scenarios lasts approximately 4 hours.

Each of these scenarios or worlds, has different ways of access from the main square, where you can also buy a nice souvenir of your visit to the park.

But, we are getting a little ahead of ourselves, so let’s take it step by step. From the moment we arrive at the Xense theme park, the view dazzles us as we are greeted by a small path of giant flowers, until we reach the main entrance, where we are also surprised by the completely surrealistic decoration.

Once we access the park, our first stop will be the main square where it has many souvenir items that we can buy at the exit, as a pleasant memory of our visit to the park.

Well, the whole adventure starts from here, since the square has several doors that lead us to the Route of Lament, the route of doing or, well, some rooms with visual games, from which we can take fantastic pictures.

On the wailing route you will first walk along the path of the giants and dwarves, where you will come across very small houses and also very large houses, until you reach the so-called Xensatorium.

The Xensatorium is one of the top attractions of the park, because you have to walk through the veins of a cavern in the dark, that’s right, totally in the dark! Where your senses of touch, hearing and taste will be your guides among the desert, jungle, grasslands, streets with stones, trees, swamps, mud and the noise of apes, lions, tigers, birds, crocodiles, etc., etc..

Once we leave the Xensatorium, we will come across a cavern that will surprise us with its waterfall and subway rivers, but we are not done with this route, because what follows is the Garden of Eden.

If you are surprised by what we have done in this tour, wait to know the Route of Doing, where we can access a zip line circuit, slides between the caverns, but its main attraction is the town that plays a visual architecture where we will not realize if we go up or down.

Without a doubt, the Xense natural and theme park will be a real odyssey for you, and not to tell you everything else, we will let you discover it on your own.

Where is Xenses located?
Xenses converges very well with Xcaret, Xplor, Xenotes and Rio Secreto, in short it is located less than 1 minute away from each of them. To be a little clearer, the park is located 5 minutes from the outskirts of Playa del Carmen and is very easy to get to, both by public and private transportation.

How much does it cost to enter Xenses?

Currently, the cost of access to the park is $1,385.80 MXN for adults and $692.80 MXN for children, however these prices may vary depending on the season and as tips we recommend you to buy your tickets at the ticket office or from the official website and not with agencies or resellers.

How to get to Xenses?

If you are in Playa del Carmen you can get to Xenses by taking a cab or a colectivo to Tulum. The colectivo passes on the federal highway and will drop you off near the entrance of Xenses.

On the other hand, if you are in the city of Cancun, the best way to get to Xenses is through our shuttle service to Playa del Carmen. This service covers the entrance area and out of Playa del Carmen, so you would not pay more.
As it is private, they will pick you up at your hotel and drop you off at the main gate of the park.

On the other hand, if you want to go by public transportation, you can take a bus from the company Playa Express in front of the ADO terminal.

The colectivo will drop you off in Playa del Carmen and you can take a cab or the colectivo to Xenses. But we repeat again that one of the best ways to get to Xenses is with our private transportation service.


Xenses is a park that will surprise you and without a doubt you have to add it to your list of things to do in Cancun. See you in our next post where we will tell you more about Cancun.