Yamil Luum Scorpion Temple

Posted on May 18, 2023 by Eduardo

Yamil Luum Scorpion Temple

Chichen Itza is one of the most important archaeological sites in Mexico, it is among the top 7 new wonders of the modern world and is located very close to the city of Cancun, however, this is not the only site near Cancun.

In fact, something that very few people know is that the city of Cancun has 3 small archaeological sites in the Hotel Zone and one of these small sites has a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea.

This small place is known as the Temple of the Scorpion and its name was a consequence of finding a small scorpion walking among its foundations and because it was built on a cliff it is believed to have been an observation point in the past.

How to get to the Temple of the Alacrán?

Unlike other archaeological sites in the city, the Temple of the Scorpion is close to the hotels in the hotel zone, and therefore to reach it, it is necessary to walk about 400 meters along the beach.

To do this, you have to arrive first at Marlín Beach (km 13) and walk to the left towards the Royal Park Hotel, from where you can appreciate the place from a distance, after that, you have to climb a few steps and end the trip enjoying the magnificent panoramic view that the place gives us.