Ferry to Holbox

Ferry to Holbox

Are you considering visiting Holbox? We have already told you in previous posts about how to get to Holbox and something very important to mention is the following: Holbox is an island and in order to get to this paradisiacal island, first you have to get to the seaport of Chiquila so that from there, you can take the ferry to Holbox.

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If this is clear, then you must be wondering: What is the cost of the ferry to Holbox, what is the departure time of the ferry to Holbox, what is the return time of the ferry? Well, keep reading this article because right now we will tell you everything you need to know.

Where can I take the ferry to Holbox?

Chiquila is a very small town located in the municipality of Lazaro Cardenas and has a population of only 1200 inhabitants. Its main commercial and economic activity is developed mainly in the famous port of Chiquila, where you can even see the colorful letters of the town.

The port of Chiquila is known mainly for being the direct point of connection to take a ferry, a tour or a boat to Holbox Island.

What is the price of the ferry to Holbox?

The cost of the ferry to Holbox, just a few months ago and which lasted for years, was 220.00 MXN single trip to go from the Port of Chiquila to the Port of Holbox and 220.00 MXN to go from the Port of Holbox to the Port of Chiquila. Or in other words, the round trip cost to and from Holbox was 440.00 MXN for adults. Meanwhile, minors paid 280.00 MXN round trip.

What is the schedule of the Ferry to Holbox?

From the seaport of Chiquila and from the Holbox seaport, there are two ferry companies, 9 Hermanos and Holbox Express, but not both leave at the same time. Each one of them has established and staggered schedules, which allows you to go on one company and return on the other.

It is worth mentioning that both companies have the same ticket cost, which we mentioned a few lines above.

9 Hermanos Ferry Schedule

Holbox to ChiquilaChiquila to Holbox

Holbox Express Ferry Schedule


Holbox to ChiquilaChiquila to Holbox

What is the first departure time from Chiquila to Holbox?

The first ferry schedule from the port of Chiquila to Holbox Island is at 6:00 am and is provided by the company 3 hermanos.

What is the latest departure time from Holbox to Chiquila?

The last ferry departing from the port of Holbox to Chiquila is at 10:30 pm and the service is provided by the company 3 hermanos. It should be noted that once this last ferry leaves the port is closed and you cannot leave the island until the next day.

Is it possible to reserve the ferry ticket online?

No, as such there is not yet an online reservation system to purchase the ticket. Therefore, you have to arrive about 15 minutes in advance to be able to buy the ticket and board the ferry either going or returning.

How much does the ferry to Holbox cost?

Currently the cost of the ferry to Holbox is 440.00 MXN round trip for adults and 280.00 MXN round trip for children. It is worth mentioning that visitors residing in the state of Quintana Roo pay 180.00 MXN round trip to take the Ferry to Holbox.

How long is the ferry to Holbox?

The ferry transfer time from the martin de Chiquila terminal to the maritime terminal in Holbox is approximately 25 minutes.

How much is the ferry to Holbox with car?

Unfortunately there is no car ferry to Holbox and this is due to the fact that inside the island it is forbidden private vehicles and really any other vehicle than a bicycle or golf cart.


Any possible changes that may arise in the Ferry schedules or costs, be sure we will post them here and if you still don’t know where to stay, visit our recommendation of the best hotels in Holbox.

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