Transportation from Cancun airport to Atelier Playa Mujeres.

Transportation from Cancun airport to Atelier Playa Mujeres

The hotel Atalier Playa Mujeres is a luxury resort located 29.9 kilometers from Cancun Airport. This is an approximate 35 minute drive. Of course this transfer time can be less or more, it all depends on the type of transportation you choose to get to the hotel.

Transportation from Cancun airport to Atelier Playa Mujeres

Transportation from Cancun airport to Atelier Playa Mujeres.

The hotel Arelier Playa Mujeres, as its name suggests, is a 5 star luxury hotel located in the town of Playa Mujeres. This locality belongs to the municipality of Isla Mujeres and is not part of a “very habitable” area, so to speak.

That means that there is not much public transportation to get there, which leaves us only 3 options to get from Cancun Airport to the hotel Atelier.

Private Transportation

The best option to get to the Atelier Hotel from Cancun Airport is through a private transportation service. This service can be booked before your flight to Cancun.

This way they will be waiting for you as soon as your flight arrives to the city, they are equipped with air conditioning, cell phone charger, ample space to comfortably transport a maximum of 9 passengers and can be customized with baby seats.

If you want to know the different options of private transportation, as well as the rates offered by Cancun Shuttle, you can click here.

private transportation to the Atelier Playa Mujeres hotel

Public Transportation

Our second option, which we don’t really recommend if you are traveling with a lot of luggage and in a large group, is public transportation. In this case you have to buy a ticket (or tickets) at the ADO booth at the airport and wait for the bus.

When you take the bus, it will drop you off in downtown Cancun and from downtown Cancun, take a cab to the hotel Atelier Playa Mujeres.

The disadvantages of this option are the waiting time for the ADO bus, the cost per person, how heavy it becomes if you travel with a lot of luggage and many of the cabs can only carry a maximum of 4 people, they do not have air conditioning and can cost up to 50 USD the trip from downtown Cancun to the Hotel.

Public Transportation to the hotel atelier playa mujeres


Our last transportation option to the hotel Atelier Playa Mujeres is the cab service. You can take this service from the airport and the difference from the ones in downtown Cancun is that at least these are a little more equipped.

It should be noted that the cab is a service only taken by people who are in a hurry to get there, as there are a maximum of 4 passengers and some luggage and the cost can be up to 200 USD.

A little bit about the Hotel Atelier Playa Mujeres

The hotel Atelier Playa Mujeres is one of the best resorts in Cancun and although it is not in an area very close to downtown Cancun or the Hotel Zone, it offers you what very few accommodations have: Privacy.

Remember that this 5 star resort is located in a place where very few people can get to (unless they have their own car), so you will have a beach all to yourself (and other hotel guests).

As an extra tip, we recommend you to subscribe to their newsletter and have access to exclusive offers and promotions.

A little bit about the Hotel Atelier Playa Mujeres

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