What to do in Cancun Downtown

What to do in Cancun Downtown

The city of Cancun is usually divided into two parts: Downtown and the Hotel Zone. And while most travelers and tourists remain enjoying the paradisiacal beaches of the hotel zone, downtown Cancun also has a lot to offer and we will show it to you in this post: What to do in Downtown Cancun

What to do in Downtown Cancun

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What to do in Downtown Cancun

Downtown Cancun is full of hotels, bars, inns, restaurants and plazas and although it doesn’t have nearby beaches like the hotel zone, it does have a very active life and is a perfect place to get into the crazy life, culture and history of the city. So let’s get to know everything you can do, see and know.

Palapas Park

One of the most emblematic icons of downtown Cancun and where you will find culture, typical Mexican dishes, dances and cultural events of all kinds, is the Palapas Park.

The Palapa Park is a recreational space that has a stage where every weekend different types of events take place, but at the same time the nearby restaurants and bars make your visit to this place even more enjoyable.

Do you like to dance? Well, near this park, there are others where every weekend there are classes of Latin rhythms such as salsa and bachata. But to improve even more the offer of local attractions, very close is the government palace, where every Sunday there is a dance party with all kinds of music and for everyone,

Palapas Park

Market 28

The Cancun handicrafts market, better known as Market 28 is another place you have to visit in downtown Cancun. In this market, you will be able to get all kinds of souvenirs: Key chains, pictures, towels, hats, caps, t-shirts, etc, etc, etc, etc.

But that’s not all, because you can also find other kinds of souvenirs such as paper shoes, pipes, ceramic and clay sculptures.

And you don’t have to worry about eating, because inside the market you will find many low cost restaurants and a delicious typical food of the region.

Market 28

Market 23

Market 28 is not the only market in downtown. We also have market 23, which is somewhat similar to the previous one, with the difference that local food, sweets, and handicrafts are the main attractions of the place. Want a hand-woven swimsuit? You can find it here. Here you can find it. Do you want to try the delicious local food? You can enjoy it here.

Government Esplanade

The government esplanade hosts cultural events and dances every weekend. Being in front of the Palapas Park, it is impossible not to feel attracted to know and enjoy the home life of the locals.

Government Esplanade


If you are a beer lover, you don’t have to worry about where to find it in downtown Cancun, as it is surrounded by many bars and as a secret tip: The hostels have bars, where parties are held every day.



The traditional gastronomy of the state is experienced in downtown Cancun. Although the restaurants in the hotel zone give us a great gourmet taste, it is nothing compared to the local food, where the taste and smell of the gastronomy of the peninsula will catch you. So without fear of success, go eat at the restaurants in the downtown area.


Plaza las Americas

Plaza las Americas is another of the representative pillars of the city and is one of the things to visit in downtown Cancun. Here you will find hundreds of clothing stores of different brands, accessory stores, tennis, dental offices, casinos, and restaurants.

Tajamar Boardwalk

In front of Plaza Las Americas, we can find the Malecon Tajamar which is another of the cultural spaces of the city, but with the difference that this one has a spectacular view of the lagoon.

Currently every weekend there are events, dances, tianguis and even the state government has created its “paseo navideño”, a promenade full of lights that reflect the arrival of Christmas.

Tajamar Boardwalk

What to do in downtown Cancun at night?

The above activities can be done both during the day and at night, but if you are looking for activities to do at night in downtown Cancun, we will tell you right now.

El Cantarito

If you are looking for what to do at night, you are probably looking for partying and fun. Then you have to go to El Cantarito.

El Cantarito is a bar and restaurant where band music and reggaeton merge. It has very good offers, promotions and the costs are very affordable, but yes: You have to arrive between 9 pm to 10 pm.

Why so early? Because the place fills up very fast and the reason for this is that nowadays it has become the best place to have fun in downtown Cancun.

El Cantarito cancun centro


If you are looking for one of the best gay clubs in Cancun, then you have to go to 11:11. This place is located in the center of the city and is a very popular bar for the LGBT+ community.

Malecon Americas

The Malecon Americas is not far behind, since it has several bars and night restaurants where you can spend a nice time with your friends. You can be in Hooster enjoying some wings or in any other restaurant / bar of the place.

Yachilan Avenue

Looking for local fun? No doubt Yachilan Avenue is still one of the main pillars of fun in downtown Cancun. So here you also have bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Government Esplanade

Looking for a place to dance Salsa or Cumbia? Every Sunday from 6 pm until almost 3 am the government esplanade turns into a free dance floor where you can get out the “forbidden steps” dancing salsa, cumbia and other Latin rhythms.

centro cancun

What is downtown Cancun?

Downtown Cancun is the area that consists of Las Palapas Park, the Government Palace, the ADO terminal, Yachilan Avenue, Plaza Las Americas, Plaza de Toros, Plaza Solares and Market 28.

Which is the central street in Cancun?

Tulum Avenue is the most central avenue / street in the city, as it runs through the center of Cancun and is also the main avenue that leads directly out of Cancun towards the airport or Playa del Carmen.


Downtown Cancun has many more things to do, to know and to visit. So don’t do the ugly and go down from the hotel zone to know and discover the local life of the city.

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