Cenotes Xtabay, Taakbil-ha and Chikin-ha

Posted on April 30, 2023 by Transfers
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The Riviera Maya is full of cenotes and just as there is the Puerto Morelos cenotes route, there is a “Playa del Carmen cenotes route”. Although to be honest it is not called as such, but it is a very good reference.

This route of cenotes of Playa del Carmen, has about 17 different types of open, semi-open and closed cenotes, also caves and caverns, but let’s not get off the subject, shall we? Today we will talk about 3 in particular: Cenotes Xtabay, Taakbil-ha and Chikin-ha.

Ready? Let’s start

Cenotes Xtabay, Taakbil-ha and Chikin-ha

Cenotes are very quiet, beautiful places, with crystal clear waters and a mystical history related to the Mayas. In fact, it is said that many of these cenotes were used as ritual and sacrificial areas.

Particularly, we will find several of them throughout the Riviera Maya and even outside of it. And if you want to visit any of them, remember that we can offer you a private transfer service to the cenotes and especially to the cenotes Cenotes Xtabay, Taakbil-ha and Chikin-ha.

These 3 cenotes are located in the “same place”, so to speak, and they are only 100 meters apart.

How to get to Cenotes Xtabay, Taakbil-ha and Chikin-ha?

These 3 cenotes are located just 15 minutes from Playa del Carmen and 5 minutes from Puerto Aventuras. If you are in Playa del Carmen, you can get there by taking a cab, a foreign transfer to Tulum (but indicating that you get off at the mentioned cenotes) or, if you are staying in a nearby hotel: Walking.

Otherwise, if you are in Cancun, you can take a private transfer service, which we highly recommend, or take a bus to Playa del Carmen and from the beach take a cab or another bus.

How much does the entrance fee cost?

Since these 3 cenotes are located in the same area, the entrance fee for the general public is 350.00 MXN per person, which is equivalent to 18 USD.

Xtabay Cenotes

The first cenote that we find when we enter the facilities is the Xtabay cenote. It is an open cenote of ample space, with clear, crystalline and shallow waters. In fact, there are some areas where you can walk among the rocks.

It is very quiet, calming, has a vast marine vegetation, fish and of course: It invites you to relax and contemplate the tranquility of the jungle.


The second cenote we will find is the Semi Open Cenote, Chikin-Ha. This cenote has two entrances. Curiously, one of its entrances has “steps”, which indicates that different types of rituals were performed here.


This third cenote is a “Cenote on Exhibit”, because at the moment you cannot swim in it but, without a doubt, it attracts attention for its beauty, its tranquility and the bridge you have to cross to get to know it.

Tips and Recommendations

You can stay from 9 am to 5:30 pm in this place, but it is necessary to mention that some activities have an extra cost, such as zip lines.

The place does not have beds and the spaces where you can leave your things are very ‘small, so just take the essentials.

To go to each of the cenotes from the reception, you have to walk along a dirt and stone path, so wear comfortable shoes to protect your feet.


As we mentioned, the Riviera Maya is full of many cenotes and we hope these 3 are to your liking, because they are places that will invite you to enjoy the tranquility, calm and beauty of the history, Mayan culture, as well as the Mexican Caribbean.