What to do in Cancun at Night

Posted on May 15, 2023 by Eduardo

After enjoying the beauty that the day offers with the wonderful beaches, you can discover what to do in Cancun at night, to take full advantage of the night life in the city.

Here the nights are very hectic and with many options of excellent places to visit, we will tell you which are the best night walks, attractions and places to have dinner alone, with your partner or with the family.

It is extremely important that you have your itinerary well planned so that you don’t waste so much time, because as Cancun is a tourist area, there are many people also trying to do the same activities as you, so planning is essential.

But stop beating around the bush and we’ll talk to you about the best options you have to do at night.

What to do in Cancun at Night

Most of Cancun’s nightclubs are located at Km. 9.5 of the Boulevard and start their parties from midnight to late morning.

Given the nature of the area that is touristic, transportation runs all night, but if you want a personalized and private transfer you can hire the staff of Transfer Cancun Airport.

Coco Bongo

It is probably the most famous nightclub in Cancun because it was here that they filmed the remembered scene of the movie The Mask.

Today this club performs several shows of various international personalities, this club is a must to enjoy a pleasant night regardless of your age or musical tastes.

The entertainment shows are very good so you have to put in first option to visit this place.

The City

This is the biggest record in Latin America, its capacity is seven thousand people, this place is always full.

The disco is famous for receiving many international DJ’s to perform at dawn like Steve Aoki, Avicci and other great artists like Akon, Snoop Dog and Flo Rida. You have two nights a week to enjoy these shows: the Sping Brak and the Foam Bath night.

Bar Restaurant Señor Frog’s

Another good idea to do at night in Cancun is to visit El Señor Frog’s, as well as Coco Bogo, are iconic places to go and find out what to do in Cancun at night. This place is a mix of bar and disco so it is a very versatile place and you can do whatever you want in here.

The staff is very lively and transmits a good vibe, as it is a place of varied music and friendly atmosphere you can come alone or with family.

Sunset Bean Restaurant

If you are a good eater and want to have dinner with your family, the Bean is a good option, they serve traditional food prepared deliciously with seafood such as lobsters, tuna, shrimp among other delicious dishes, all prepared with fresh ingredients from the Caribbean Sea.

Dinner on the Captain’s Boat

It’s super fun to do with the kids or your friends. They serve some incredibly delicious dishes, a lot of fun in the presentation of pirate shows, test games that are performed inside totally amazing boats, these wafers are exact copies of the Spanish Galleons that sailed in the eighteenth century, all this atmosphere will make you feel really in a pirate ship.

You can ask for lobster, chicken or steak to be served with a delicious Caribbean drink, among other a la carte presentations.

This can be the most fun night of the whole trip for song where the children and parents can enjoy it too, the excursion leaves from the hotel zone and lasts 3 and a half hours. Dinner can cost up to 50US$ for adults and children under 12 years old do not pay.

Xplor fuego

It is a fascinating experience, dare to go to the darkness of the jungle in an unprecedented expedition where the night and the fire will be your allies.

It is a spectacle the challenges in Xplor fire where you will see the darkness like never before you imagined it. The duration is from 7 to 8 hours, you can locate them in Cancun and also in the Riviera Maya. The cost of the Tour is 132UD$.

Palapas Park

Las Palapas Park is full of life from early afternoon until late at night. Mainly on weekends and of course, a place where you can find family fun. From simply watching the sunset, enjoying the local food, enjoying the cultural dances, theaters and even seasonally experiencing the exciting local fair.

Government Esplanade

The Government Esplanade is also full of life mainly on weekends and where you can enjoy the “Bailongo”, from 6 pm until almost 2 am and the best thing is that it is totally free and 100% family friendly.

What to do in Cancun at night alone?

Although the city of Cancun is very touristy, you should not necessarily go with your family, or with your partner, because sometimes, either for work or to escape for a while, you can come alone to the city

Well, here is a small list of things you can do as a couple, as a family or completely alone.

Chichen Itza Light and Sound

Where there are official effects and mysticism in the pyramid, music and good atmosphere, no matter if you are alone or with your family, you will enjoy this site. It works from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm and has a cost of 143US$.


It has an atmosphere of celebration, tradition and music where you can go alone or with your partner, where the imagination of those who visit it is captured because they evoke the golden age of Mexico. The duration is approximately 3 hours and the price is 118UD$.


Enjoy an evening show on a musical journey, you can admire the rituals of pre-Hispanic Mexico with more than 300 artists on stage. It is available in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Its duration is approximately 7 to 8 hours, the cost is 85US$.

These are just some of the more than 20 night activities in Cancun that you can do with your family, friends or alone, however it doesn’t matter who you are with, the fun is guaranteed.