Choose the perfect swimsuit for your body type!

Choose the perfect swimsuit for your body type!

Are you about to come to the Riviera Maya and still don’t have the perfect swimsuit to sunbathe on the beautiful beaches?

Don’t worry! Here are some tips so you don’t miss out on your choice.

Choose the perfect swimsuit for your body type!

We all know that when it comes to bathing suits, women are the ones who “suffer” the most to find a flattering option for their body type; whether it’s a bikini or a full bathing suit, these tips will help you know what suits you best.

swimwear for women


By this we mean: large chest, defined waist and wide hips.

BIKINI: The top should always give you support and keep you confident that everything will be in order, so add to your list halters with pads and rods, or spaghetti straps to not overload the top.

swimsuit woman

ONE PIECE: Fortunately all cuts look good on this body type, especially those that accentuate your curves naturally. For the neckline, choose the heart shape with a good support.


This body type is characterized by narrow shoulders and waist, with a much more pronounced hip and booty.

BIKINI: We recommend you to use a brief that covers completely the buttocks area (shorts above the waist are a great option!) and a very striking top to balance your figure. Play with the textures, details and materials of your top!

bikini for woman

ONE PIECE: Your closet can’t be complete without a suit that has a striking color or pattern on the top and is dark on the bottom. Those with details on the back, neck or chest are a must for you.

beach bikini


Your body is characterized by being more voluminous in the center. You have a small waist and a pronounced abdomen.

BIKINI: More than a bikini, we recommend a tankini to keep everything in place, or a bikini whose bottom has a cut at the waist. Super retro and super sexy!

bikinibash cancun

ONE PIECE: Choose a suit that shows off your legs in all their splendor. Your best option is those designs with integrated girdles that conceal the abdomen and that fit around the body.


Tu espalda y tus muslos tienden a ser muy anchos y tu cadera es angosta.

BIKINI: Al igual que para los cuerpos planos, el secreto está en hacer tu figura mucho más femenina con pequeños detalles. Para la parte de arriba, juega con cortes y texturas que añadan volumen. Para la parte de abajo, elige un corte brasileño debajo de la cadera para presumir tu cuerpo tonificado.

Best bikini cancun

UNA PIEZA: Los halters o trajes con espalda cruzada sin duda son un básico en tu guardarropa, al igual que los cut outs y los de un solo hombro. Recuerda: la clave está en un corte que haga lucir tu cuerpo al máximo.


It is characterized by having aligned hips and shoulders, little waist, and is usually A-cup, with small buttocks.

BIKINI: Opt for triangular prints and tops. Choose a piece that is tied to the sides for the underwear.

flat bikini

ONE PIECE: This body type is one of the few that the slit swimsuit fits well. On the other hand, if you don’t like to show skin, choose a model that has details on the waist: tight, snaps or contrasting colors. The cut should go almost to the hip to give the appearance of a much more curved figure.

Now that you know which is the best swimsuit for you, you might be interested in What to do in the Riviera Maya and also reserve your transportation service right now.

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