Where to eat in Tulum

Posted on May 1, 2023 by Admin
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Are you hungry? Don’t worry about it, because in Tulum you can find several restaurants where to eat: from exclusive and luxury places, to humble food places. From classic Mexican food to the most succulent international dishes. So if you are wondering where to eat in Tulum, keep reading this post because now we will tell you.

Where to eat in Tulum

The city of Tulum has become a favorite destination for hundreds of travelers visiting the Riviera Maya and although it is a city that is not “very close to Cancun”, its jungle, nomadic, beach life combines perfectly with modern times and glamorous places.

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Now, let’s get to know the best restaurants in Tulum.

La Fonda Tulum

Tulum has been characterized by its simplicity and at the same time, by the quality of the services of the place. It is practically a city that seems to be “stopped in time”, but when we go around it, we find places that break our expectations.

If we are talking about eating, the restaurant “La Fonda Tulum” is one of these places: A place that seems simple, but when we enter, the taste, the smell, the attention and the establishment itself will make us enjoy every moment we are there.

La Fonda Tulum offers seafood, Mediterranean and Mexican food. A place that lends itself for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and even for romantic dinners.

Tora Tulum

Want to enjoy a first class meal in one of the best places in Tulum? Without a doubt, you have to go to Tora Tulum: A luxury restaurant, which undoubtedly breaks all your expectations with its decoration, its facilities and the various live shows that are performed almost every night.

This restaurant is located in the hotel zone of Tulum and offers you a contemporary gastronomic experience of Japanese haute cuisine, which combines ancient and avant-garde techniques. The balance between gastronomic traditions and the creativity of modern cuisine, combined with the selection of gourmet products of the highest quality, to give life to this concept.


In the mood for a light but delicious breakfast? Then you have to consider going to Fresco’s restaurant. As its name suggests: It is a healthy food place in Tulum where it offers you diverse breakfast options, with local and always fresh elements.

And not only for its quality, attention and taste of their creations this place has become famous, also for the creativity and presentation of all its dishes.

Come and enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or a casual dinner, you won’t regret it!

Funky Geisha Tulum

Japanese food restaurants have become more and more excellent dining options in Tulum. The tora restaurant is one of them, but not the only one of its kind, and if there is a restaurant that competes with it in terms of taste, creativity of its dishes and of course the architecture of the place, it is Funky Geisha Tulum.

The place specializes in Asian gastronomy and that is why we can find the best and most delicious dishes of Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine.

The place has a space to relax and enjoy with friends; with low rustic wooden tables, comfortable puffs, oriental rugs and traditional cushions, where you can enjoy the latest in conceptual music, played by the resident DJ.

La Zebra Beach Restaurant and Bar

Want to eat in front of the sea? Then head to La Zebra Beach Restaurant and Bar. A place to enjoy Caribbean, Mexican and ocean food. Of course without leaving out the beautiful beach nearby, where you can watch the sunsets, sunbathe and enjoy its crystal clear waters.


Tulum has many restaurants where to eat and without a doubt, these 5 are places that you have to at least consider when enjoying the gastronomic pleasures of the city. Which other place would you recommend? We’ll read you in the comments.